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A hundred useless is a scholar?

2023-02-06 02:50:04 [Photography art]
A hundred useless is a scholar?

A hundred useless is a scholar? Spread "popular" in the history. Poets ridicule non-pejorative, defiled reading into a crooked trend. He has a talent for writing poetry since he was small, but he grieves in times of difficulty. "Miscellaneous Senses" is a collection of five flavors, and it was passed down to later generations as a success. No matter how ironic the imperial examination system is, the rise of the poor seems to be empty. Destiny's counterattack is only reading, and the advanced shortcuts are too difficult. Taking it out of context is really misleading, and human nature is ugly. The classics of the ages are distorted, a kind of "deviation" and inaction. 2022.9.20 Note: "A hundred and one use is a scholar" is a very artistic line in itself, but it was "accidentally" used to trample scholars and "become popular". In fact, using this verse to stigmatize scholars This itself shows that this is a group of "poetry blinds" who do not understand ancient poetry at all. In the 33rd year of Qianlong's reign, the talented player Huang Jingren was defeated by the imperial examination, and the poet Huang was a little confused. It came out hot. But people who really understand poetry and love poetry will understand what this sentence really wants to express. This is Huang Jingren's self-mockery after he was dropped, a satire on the imperial examination system, and a dissatisfaction with the feudal and decadent society. He used an ironic way to express his emotion that "the rise of the poor" is too difficult. "Miscellaneous Senses" (Qing · Huang Jingren) the immortal Buddha has not yet been completed, and only knows that the night is not peaceful. The wind canopy is full of sad songs, and the mud is stained with a lucky name. Nine out of ten people are scornful, and one out of 100 is a scholar. Mo Yin's poems are filled with sorrow and become a prophecy, and the spring birds and autumn insects make their own voices.

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