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London genius hat players: I just want to open a restaurant on their heads

2022-12-08 07:20:54 [Light ]
London genius hat players: I just want to open a restaurant on their heads

"I'm just throwing a party on their heads" - Stephen Jones, the father of British hats. Hats are like the cherry on top of the cake, which can play a finishing touch. It fulfills people's fashion fantasy on the fashion show. Imagine If there are no exaggerated and elegant hats and headgear on the model's head, no matter how dazzling the clothes and shoes are, it always feels that something is missing... Hats are also an indispensable item in life. This foreign guy is no longer satisfied with the daily hat accessories. He is open to hats, as if he has left the title of hat designer, but has become a pioneer artist! 01Give him an old t-shirt and you'll get a new hat As time goes by, T-shirts will always be more or less ill-fitting or start to tatter, so how can we preserve it for a long time? It's time to give Brian Downey a T-shirt and he'll turn it into a hat... 02 Skateboard's hat genius breathes new life into worn-out clothes with this baffling T-shirt makeover plan in his It was deeply rooted in his mind as he grew up. Brian Downey from the United States has always been a skateboard enthusiast. Behind the display of difficult moves, he has experienced countless falls and injuries, and more or less broke a lot of T-shirts. , he figured out why not turn a T-shirt into a cool hat? This is a must-have trendy item in the skateboarding world! When he was very young, his mother liked to live in a sustainable and natural way, such as growing vegetables, making soap, etc. Brian Downey, under the influence of his mother, was naughty and took the candles from the house secretly, Then mix it with crayons to make skateboard wax and sell it to his friends at a high price~03 Huh? Edible hats? If you're a big fan of hats and a serious foodie, then you'll love Brian Downey's next work. In recent years, he's started to use unusual materials and foods that look insane when combined with hats. Extremely! Anyone ordered fried chicken hats? Need some ketchup for dipping? Yes, that's right, you're looking at a fried chicken sandwich hat, probably one of his craziest designs, and it's just the beginning of his whims. Brian likes to incorporate common pieces into his designs and present them in a surprising way. From buttered corn hats ready to be grilled to sushi hats piled high with rice, what's next? We continue to look down with curiosity. After all, none of us can guess Brian Downey's hat idea~ Don't throw away the rice that you can't finish eating. It's crunchy and crunchy when it sticks to the hat. You can take it off and eat it when you're hungry. As soon as you eat it, this hat will satisfy the crispy sweetness you want to have! Foodies and pizza lovers will definitely line up crazy for this hat, full of small ingredients, brushed cheese, take a bite, full and cool~ It is a really edible hat! From hats covered with pork belly, hats filled with chicken soup, to DuangDuangDuang's delicious braid hats, it's really a love-hate look. His shop is full of all kinds of curious hats, all covered with embroidery. Needles, boiled eggs, and even drinkable milk, not even the glasses in the cinema! The hats he created have a strong visual impact and are very popular among fashionistas. Even the steamer buns with a very Chinese flavor can't escape the "magic claws" of Brian Downey. Imagine wearing a steamer hat to go to work in the morning and opening it for ready-to-eat meals, saving the time to buy breakfast... 04 Hat art creativity has no boundaries except for food, He also put the fish tank on the top of the head... If you wear this hat, the goldfish in the hat will also come on a trip ~ Brian Downey is not only loved by hipsters and media for designing special hats At the same time, he also founded his own original design brand Falcon Bowse, which is an interesting and unique brand, where Brian Downey can help you make a dish that belongs to you as long as you can think of food or random materials. Unique hat! After pouring time, energy, thought and passion into creating a hat, even if it is inanimate, I would still say it has more life than something produced or machined. I'm not sure what that is, but I think it's an innate distinction that most people can intuitively feel, and that's what makes it special, that's what gives it a soul. —Does Brian Downey have a brain in a hat or a hat on his head? The hats covered with fresh-keeping cards must be very fresh... See if you are convinced by Brian Downey's brain hole, if you go out with a hat designed by him, then the coolest cub in the crowd must be It's none other than you! Some pictures in this article come from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact the author to delete it. Editor丨Porridge Typesetting丨Congee Review丨mary

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