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These 4 sets of photos are very good at first glance: but when you look closely, you find something is missing! the problem is here

2023-04-02 16:27:51 [Share Photography ]
These 4 sets of photos are very good at first glance: but when you look closely, you find something is missing! the problem is here

[email protected] Guanshan Tinghai "Oriental Pearl" iPhone 8 Plus There is no post-production. This photo is good, 90% of the credit is due to light and shadow. There are countless people taking pictures on the Bund every day. How can you capture your own unique taste? Lighting is the best option. It can be seen that in this scene, it is cloudy, and the light is projected on the ground in a block shape, so the location of the projection is very important. Solution: If it was me, you can take a look at the photos I took, and you can carefully study the position of the light and shadow: they just hit the main body, the path, the top of the mountain, is it accidental, or just luck? Of course not, the trick is only one word: wait! Like this scene: I predicted the location of the cloud, and took three shots on its path. Undoubtedly, the third photo has the best light. One beam hits the road and the other hits the top of the mountain, which is very clever. Then look back at the scene in this picture. Among the buildings, several spherical buildings are the most eye-catching. So, if you can wait for the light to illuminate a certain spherical building in the photo (such as the Oriental Pearl), the photo will be much more subtle. [email protected]༼་ཅ་༽ This photo of the sea apple xr uses a wrapped frame diagram, with green around, pink in the middle, and contrasting complementary colors. Moreover, the foreground is also blurred, and it feels very three-dimensional. But the photo also has some shortcomings. First, the lower part of the flower is exposed on the ground, breaking the sense of artistic conception. The second is color. It can be seen that green and pink are complementary colors, but both contain yellow, which makes the two colors seem somewhat dependent. Solution: If I were to shoot, first, when composing the picture, I would try to avoid the exposure of the ground below to make the composition cleaner. If you really can't hide, just like this photo, you might as well fill the exposed part with black in the later stage, which is very natural. Also, as you can see, the green in the photo, I desaturated it with HSL in post-processing. In this way, with the vignette and light and shadow, it will appear more textured. [email protected]一 ink These two photos were taken of the Temple of Heaven. In fact, the same angle and position, I also published a content. You can take a look at the comparison: you can see that the scene is almost the same, the only difference is that I added light and shadow in it. Solution: If I were to shoot, the same thing, different angles and focal lengths, would show different pictures. For example, a doorway, direct shooting can only show its arc direction. However, if the light and shadow are integrated, there will be a sense of design. As for the corner of the building, shooting directly can only show the color and details. After adjusting the angle and incorporating light and shade, the geometric three-dimensional sense of the photo will be stronger. [email protected] "Summer Field Work" Huawei P50Pro met the uncle working in the field, and the camera pulled in and took a picture. In this photo, the colors are really eye-catching, the paddy fields are green and the sun is shining. However, compositionally speaking, there are two things that make it look uncomfortable. The first is the tree on the left, which is too large and too staggered. Moreover, it is not suitable to put it on the left side of the screen. After all, this is the starting position for browsing a photo, and a tree directly blocks the screen. The second is that the triangular area on the ground is all loess, which does not match the feeling of green trees, grass, and pastoral songs. Solution: If it was me, I might as well go around to the left side of the tree and shoot the rice field with a horizontal perspective. After all, it should be the subject of the picture. Then use the leaves to make a foreground above, echoing the green grass on the ground, and the characters are placed in the middle as the main body. Finally, you can lower the shooting angle a little bit, and the foreground ground should be as little as possible, and the green will be more prominent. This is roughly what it means:

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