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Everyone loves to photograph the moon! How can the puzzle be beautifully out of the circle?

2023-03-25 09:26:05 [the scenery ]
Everyone loves to photograph the moon! How can the puzzle be beautifully out of the circle?

Hello~ Good morning everyone! "Looking up at the bright moon, sending love for a thousand miles of light", I believe that in daily life, not only do you like to take pictures of white clouds, sunsets, etc., but also like to take pictures of the moon! The Mid-Autumn Festival will come in a week, click the text below to learn the skills of photographing the moon in detail, and take pictures when you see the moon~ super practical!

『Mid-autumn moon, how can you get out of the circle by taking pictures with your mobile phone? 』

『Shooting the moon with a mobile phone will make the photos look better! 』

And today, I will share with you the little tricks of moon jigsaw typesetting, you can integrate all the moon photos in the album, you can also save this article in advance, when you take a picture of the Mid-Autumn Moon, you can use it ! The APP we need to use is called "PicsArt Meiyi Photo", which has many puzzle styles, you can customize the layout, simple and fun, remember to "like" + "watching"~- PicsArt - Applicable platforms: Android, iOSONE. ˉ Grid Puzzle First open the software, click "➕" in the bottom bar, find the puzzle module, and click the "Grid" puzzle. Select the photo of the moon that needs to be jigsawed from the album. It can be full of crescent moon or full moon, or it can be mixed and matched. You can choose up to 10 photos. Even if you have a lot of photos, don't be afraid~ and here I will choose 6 photos. The number of pictures is different, and the puzzle styles it provides are also different. Click "Layout", and we will see that the puzzle styles of the 6 photos have both neat horizontal/vertical arrangement and creative dislocation arrangement, which is very rich! There are also various styles of other sheets. I believe you who like jigsaw puzzles will be full of curiosity~ Click "Scale", we can choose the scale size that matches the format of the jigsaw puzzle photo, and you can choose it according to the specific situation of the photo. After selecting the puzzle style and scale, click the photo alone to move and adjust the position, long-press the photo to enlarge the screen, or swap positions with other photos, and adjust to the effect you are satisfied with~ In addition, click alone Photos can also be edited, such as cropping, flipping and rotating, matting, toning, etc. The operability is very high, and the puzzle can be stylized. Then click "Border", which is also one of my favorite editing functions. Pull "Thickness" to adjust the size of the margin between the photos. The photos will be proportionally enlarged/reduced, which is super convenient; Pulling the "Radius" can adjust the size of the rounded corners of the photos. , isn't it very interesting~ Click "Background", you can change the color of the margin background, choose the color you like, or click the color picker to absorb the color on the photo as the background color~ According to the provided puzzle style, then Edit and layout by yourself, you can get more interesting and rich puzzle photos~ Finally, click the "download" icon above to save it to the album. TWO.ˉ Custom Puzzles In addition to these rich puzzle template styles, we can also freely layout by ourselves, and match the moon photos with other scenery to make the overall picture effect more innovative. For example, the recently popular three-dimensional photo puzzle, we can also complete it on PicsArt. Also click "➕" on the home page, find the puzzle module, and select "Freestyle". Add 3 photos to the album, go to the puzzle interface, click on the photos individually, select "Crop", and crop the photos to the same ratio, such as 16:9. Then choose a puzzle ratio of 3:4, move and adjust the position and size of the photos, mainly for vertical arrangement, there will be symmetrical lines in the picture as a reference standard, so that the photos can be easily aligned. Click on the photo alone, click "Shadow" in the bottom bar, reduce the blur to 44 and the opacity to 23; the horizontal position of the shadow is 108 and the vertical position is 116. This way, with the detailed numbers as a reference, other photos can be added with the same shade. The source of the picture in the text | ©Antonio, ©Spacelovers, ©Santierch The custom puzzle layout is very fun~ This three-dimensional puzzle photo is also very interesting, everyone remember to play with the moon photo in the album! Friends, remember to "Like" + "Watching"! Your support is the driving force for my continuous creation~ If you want to receive the article content of the public account of "Fun Mobile Photography" at 7:30 every morning, remember to "star"~

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