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The reform and opening up will not stop, Guangzhou will compete for success

2023-03-31 01:52:04 [Dark ]
The reform and opening up will not stop, Guangzhou will compete for success

The tide of reform and opening up is on the rise, and the brave are the first. The era activates Greater Guangzhou, and it is extraordinary to climb again in ten years. Guangzhou has created a benchmark for the world and deepens its development. There is a basis for expanding domestic demand, and the city of opportunity will break through the Yangguan Pass. Changsheng China's first exhibition, advancing with the times, can be launched online. Selling all over the world without leaving home, the gravitational force is here. It is not too late to cooperate with Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao in the Bay Area. National Pilot Free Trade Zone, important carrier connection security. The construction of sister cities has achieved results and expanded the circle of friends. The leader of the world's metropolis, the hub of the "Belt and Road". Traveling through mountains and waters without stopping, the strength does not reduce the burden. Guangzhou is moving forward bravely, and the blueprint depicts a bright future. 2022.9.7 Note: In the extraordinary ten years, hundreds of people will compete for success, and those who strive will be the first. Guangzhou is promoting and leading reform and opening up to achieve new breakthroughs. From 2019 to 2020, Guangzhou's business environment ranking has been at the forefront of the country for two consecutive years, and all 18 indicators of the national business environment evaluation have been evaluated as benchmarks. In 2021, Guangzhou will have more than 3 million market players, 12,000 high-tech enterprises, and 330 Fortune Global 500 companies investing in Guangzhou. It will be selected as one of the first batch of pilot cities for business environment innovation in the country. In 2012, it created the first international award named after a Chinese city - Guangzhou International Urban Innovation Award, which has accumulated more than 1,300 urban governance innovation cases from 556 cities and local governments in 96 countries and regions around the world; 2020-2022 During the period, Guangzhou served as the chairman city of the World Metropolis Association, becoming the first Chinese city to hold the leading seat of an important inter-city international organization. Since 2012, Guangzhou has added 67 new cities and 27 foreign consulates in Guangzhou. At present, it has established friendly relations with 101 cities in 66 countries on six continents, and has 67 foreign consulates in Guangzhou, forming a "four-in-one" friendship city exchange pattern and creating a vibrant global city circle of friends. (The picture comes from the Internet)

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