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Photography has changed my entire life, taught me how to see the world and how to feel about it

2023-02-06 05:35:30 [Photoes ]
Photography has changed my entire life, taught me how to see the world and how to feel about it

Tobias Holzweiler

is a 29-year-old from Germany photographer. The work focuses on photographing people, documentaries, street photography and documenting the mundane things of everyday life. Photography guides the thoughts and feelings of photographer Tobias Holzweiler. If it's creating portraits or street photography, it allows Holzweiler to create a world that people can understand while revealing the essence of things. The work always expresses the feeling of how to see the world.

Photography has changed my entire life. Not because I made money out of it, but because it changed the way I see and experience life.

The photographer grew up in a small village of 500 people and was particularly interested in things he didn't see in his youth. Such as big cities, other cultures and languages. Tobias Holzweiler draws inspiration from everyday life, music, dialogue, books. Also draw nourishment from other photographers.

Photography taught me to find beauty in the ordinary. When you carry your camera with you, you are never in the wrong place.

I am a 29 year old photographer from Germany. My work focuses on people, documentaries, the streets and the mundane things in our daily lives. This is by far the best picture I can remember. This photo was taken by me at the Paris Opera in October 2019. Next to me stood a girl in a yellow dress. I want to take a picture of her but don't know when is the best time. I was so focused on being natural and waiting for the right time to shoot that I completely missed the point of a lot of strangers starting to cross the street. Then, suddenly, the girl's boyfriend appeared, grabbed her face, and gave her a kiss. Shocked and excited, I pressed the shutter, my heart started racing, and I walked away. I couldn't look at my camera for almost 10 minutes because I was still overwhelmed by the whole situation. Then after sitting down on the bench, I looked at my camera and I photographed it. In 2015, Tobias Holzweiler picked up his first DSLR camera and started recording photos of city trips with friends. Have traveled a lot over the past few years and seen incredible places and people. Photographers spend a lot of time developing their style. Tobias Holzweiler believes that photography is an ongoing process that is largely influenced by the environment, mood, place and people you meet, and that style develops every day. Photographers started photographing things they were interested in and are still doing. Photography allows me to discover beauty in the mundane and in everyday life. Photographers think you should focus on what interests you most, don't think you should stick to just one subject. Photographers take pictures with the Leica M6, a fully manual film camera that has completely changed the way you shoot. It teaches photographers to slow down and rethink shooting their work. At first, spending a lot of money on film, now 95% of the time, he will always pick up a film camera for personal projects rather than a digital camera. It means a lot to the photographer personally. When I have an idea or a specific picture, I can make it happen through the pictures I'm taking. Yes, I feel productive in a sense that social media makes it easy for me to share what I want to share online. I carry my camera with me wherever I go because carrying it with me allows me to see life in a different and more meaningful way. It hasn't changed my life because I can make a living from it, but looking and taking pictures through my camera is my way of expressing everything I see and feel in an aesthetically pleasing and human way. Many of the photographer's photos look cinematic and he likes to shoot at night. Now, photographers prefer more natural creations.

I love watching movies, but I don't consider myself a movie buff. I have favorite movies and watch them over and over again. Because when I really like a movie, I get lost in it, whether it's the story, the music, the location, everything grabs my attention.

My favorite photographers are definitely Joe Greer and André Wagner (two street photographers from the US). Love the candid way they capture life in such a beautiful way. End
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