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8K leading the era, let's talk about the significance

2023-03-31 02:30:57 [Photography art ]
8K leading the era, let's talk about the significance

The opening question asks the soul: Is your home using an 8K TV? Most likely not. Currently, the highest-selling TVs on e-commerce platforms are 4K TVs, and some people even use full HD TVs that they bought many years ago. So, the question that hits the soul more directly, since there is no 8K TV, why do we shoot 8K video? What's the point of watching 8K video on today's 2K resolution mobile phone screens? ·Do you have an 8K TV at home? We must take a developmental perspective when looking at the development of science and technology. Let us take the big screen that almost every family has - TV as an example. TV was once the most important device for Chinese family entertainment, no one! In the 1990s, both domestic and imported brands were all CRT TVs. At that time, no one advertised the resolution in the advertisement, because it was the standard 640×480 resolution. Looking back on the return of Hong Kong in 1997, if you watched the live broadcast of the handover ceremony, do you still remember what your TV was like? Most likely it should not be an LCD TV. If your home is indeed an LCD TV, then you must say how proud! With the land price in Beijing in 1997, the price of this LCD TV is enough to buy a small kitchen. Entering the 21st century, large-size LCD TVs have gradually entered ordinary people's homes. In September 2013, Xiaomi released its first TV product, Mi TV 1. Although it was already the world of LCD TVs at that time, 4K was still not popular. It took another seven or eight years for the preferred specification of civilian TVs to gradually change from FHD to 4K resolution. Ordinary people are far less sensitive to TV resolution than they are to price. The popularity of 4K TVs is also the result of the rapid development of domestic LCD screens. Today's 4K TVs are about the same price as full HD TVs 10 years ago, and the TVs are bigger, so of course people will follow the trend and choose higher-spec products. This change, in the final analysis, is driven by technological progress, and no one can stop it. ·The future is a world made up of screens. In Chinese families, it took 30 years to develop from CRT TVs to LCD TVs, and 15 years to develop from ordinary LCD TVs to the popularization of 4K LCD TVs. Then the popularization of 4K TVs to 8K TVs How long will it take? Some people may say that the TV in my house has not been turned on for several weeks, and I usually watch mobile phones and tablets for leisure. Even my home computer is rarely turned on, let alone the TV. As for whether to upgrade 8K TVs, it may not be so necessary. Different resolution video effects display It is true that the position of TV in home entertainment system is far less than ten years ago, especially young people's mobile entertainment has become a habit. But did you notice that, whether we are watching TV or watching mobile phones, we are still concerned about the LCD screen. The LCD screen is known as one of the 10 greatest inventions of the 20th century, which is also the basis of the information explosion in the 21st century. Imagine an era without LCD screens? That should be the era when everyone reads newspapers on weekdays, and needs to write letters and telegrams when something happens. The futuristic world we often see in sci-fi movies is a world with screens everywhere. The walls of subway stations, the bodies of taxis, school desks, doctors' white coats... Almost everything you can see will be filled with LCD screens. Do you believe in such a future world? In any case, the development of high-resolution LCD screens is an inevitable result. 8K is no longer a future technology, it has come to us. 8K is the next generation of ultra-high-definition video specifications. Has 8K come? The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will be the first Olympic Games in Olympic history to use 8K video technology for the opening ceremony and live events; in December 2021, the video platform Bilibili will be the first to support UP main uploading 8K video; in February 2021, CCTV will launch 8K UHD TV Channel trial launched; 2020 Samsung S20 Ultra becomes the first mobile phone to support 8K video recording. Today, most of the Android phones using the first-generation Snapdragon 8/first-generation Snapdragon 8+ mobile platform also support the 8K video shooting function, and the speed of 8K popularization may be far beyond our imagination. Snapdragon has also laid out two years in advance for the comprehensive promotion of 8K video functions for Android phones. It is not an exaggeration to say that Snapdragon is an innovation engine in the Android world. At the launch of the Galaxy S20 series, Samsung printed a huge 8K word. In 2021, the B station will open the 8K ultra-high-definition upload function. We mentioned in the previous article, if you have a video device that can shoot 8K now, and you It also has the ability to post 8K video, so there is no doubt that you should start shooting and creating with 8K video specifications from now on. Don't worry about the huge amount of data occupying your hard disk space, the price of storage media will be further lowered in the future, and cheap storage space cannot be compared with the growth experience that only occurs once in a lifetime. Don't worry that the 8K video content you make loses its value because others don't have 8K playback equipment. The video platform already supports the uploading and sharing of 8K videos. It is only a matter of time before 8K video becomes popular, and this time is likely to be shorter than you think. When one day you find that the price of 8K TV falls into a price range that ordinary people must choose when replacing TVs, 8K TVs will become popular in a short period of time. If I start shooting and producing 8K videos by then, will I feel like I've missed the 5 million prize? Just imagine, if you could travel back to 2010, and you happened to have equipment capable of shooting 4K video at that time, would you still insist on shooting only 1080p content? If you don't have the ability to post 8K video, you can also shoot 8K video. These high-resolution video materials will keep you from falling behind in the next 10 years. When a child grows up and looks back at the pictures of his/her growth recorded by his/her parents with 8K videos, will he/she feel that his/her parents are people ahead of the times? If you feel that professional 8K video equipment is too expensive and not suitable for daily recording life, then you can walk in the Ahead of the times, record life with 8K video and start creating.

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