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Talented landscape painter who died young at 27

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Talented landscape painter who died young at 27

James Dickson Innes James Dickson Innes English Painter, (1887-1914)—ArtYouhua—James Dickson Innes (27 February 1887 – 22 August 1914) was a British painter, mainly painted landscapes, but occasionally figures. He has worked in oil and watercolour. The poems are composed of mountains and rivers, the poems are composed of lakes, the songs are composed of grass and trees, and the songs are composed of clouds. The moment you see the works of Innes, you will be deeply attracted by the innocence of the picture. The changing colors show the spirit of purity, and the relaxed brushstrokes reflect the idea of ​​freedom. The painter and nature have already reached an agreement about There is an essential consensus. The talented artist Innes was born in South Wales in 1887, the son of John Innes, a Scottish historian. The mother is of Catalan descent and he is one of three sons in the family. He studied at the Art Institute of Camaran and London, and was influenced by British landscape masters Turner, Constable, and Japanese art in his early days. Diligent like this, he often recorded the scenery on the way to school in a sketch. Like the relationship between Cézanne and Mount Saint-Victor, Innes has repeatedly depicted the holy mountain in his heart - Mount Arlenig, cloudy, sunny, sunrise, sunset, cloudy, cloudy, like a lover general. He recorded every appearance of Arlenig, its hazy and clear, its melancholy and joy. Because of this love, he founded the Arlenig School, which also included painters Derwent Lees and Augustus John. They were active in 1911-1913, representing the mountains of North Wales represented by Arlenig. When creating, they walked around the mountains all day, just to find the right moment and record the most beautiful appearance of mountains and rivers and light. Their work took its place at the first Armory Show in America. Elsewhere in Europe, Innes traces his footsteps, painting cliffs and orchards in the Aveyron valley in France, and finding inspiration in Collioure, where Matisse and Derain sketched. Depicting the dawn and the mountains in the Pyrenees... is also in the process of traveling. He meets someone he likes at first sight - Euphemia Lamb. It is a pity that Euphemia was already married at that time, and Innes was just one of Euphemia's many lovers. In his few works showing characters, we can often find Euphemia. Innes suffered from tuberculosis since childhood, and the long-term travel and the blow of love aggravated his condition. Innes died in August 1914 at the age of 27. At the moment when World War I was about to start, his death seemed to be silent. Augustus John's weak and pale Innes, perhaps, these are not important to him, now, when we see his post-impressionist paintings, this monumental and moving painting is enough to prove that he came Pass……

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