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How do ordinary people shoot 8K videos with their mobile phones?

2022-12-08 06:35:06 [Photoes ]
How do ordinary people shoot 8K videos with their mobile phones?

In recent years, mobile phone display and imaging technologies have developed rapidly: devices that support 1080P, 2K, 4K, and 8K video shooting and display have appeared one after another. Today, the "8K video" of mobile images is not a new concept, but in fact, the public does not know much about the actual role of mobile phone 8K video. "8K video" refers to a video with a video resolution of 7680 × 4320 (about 33 million pixels). Compared with common 720P, 1080P, 4K video, 8K video has a higher picture resolution, and we can see the picture Details will be clearer and more delicate. But this also means that the mobile phone needs to process a larger amount of data per unit of time, and has extremely high requirements for data processing and power consumption control of mobile phone chips. In the era of computational photography, the launch of every function is backed by a huge amount of calculation and strong performance support. Snapdragon is the first chip to bring 8K video to smartphones, and photographers are also the first to use Android phones equipped with Snapdragon chips. Filmed a number of wonderful documentaries. Nowadays, everyone is familiar with the "Snapdragon chip", and the name of the Snapdragon chip can always be seen at the launch of many flagship mobile phones in the past. In the era of computational photography, the AI ​​computing power of chips plays a crucial role. The new generation of Snapdragon 8+ processor not only has a 1+3+4 octa-core CPU with a main frequency of up to 3.2GHz, but also supports three ISPs (image signal processor) for 18-bit and 8KHDR video shooting, and improves computing power 4x the seventh-generation Qualcomm AI engine. Features such as motion tracking, low-light photography, super night scenes, and face detection support for 3A algorithms (autofocus, auto exposure, and auto white balance) are all inseparable from the technical support of Snapdragon 8+. The 8K video of smartphones, whether in key aspects such as color, brightness, and clarity, has been improved to a new level with the blessing of the Snapdragon 8+ chip, which can better meet the shooting needs of different groups, as small as shooting home movies. , big enough to shoot documentaries. Video screenshot: The source of the green-tailed rainbow pheasant / "My Hometown in China" is based on these advantages and characteristics. In recent years, major mobile phone manufacturers have launched 8K video functions in various video flagships, and they are all equipped with Snapdragon. Dragon processor. So, how should we make better use of the 8K video function of mobile phones to shoot more wonderful videos? First of all, we have to check whether our mobile phone supports 8K video. By default, the "recording" mode opens 1080P image quality. We need to set the video quality to "8K" ONE in the settings in the upper right corner of the camera. .-Shooting while recording For those who like mobile photography, have you ever encountered that when your mobile phone is shooting a beautiful scenery video, you want to take a few pictures with another mobile phone and send them to the circle of friends? In fact, there is no need for the help of a second mobile phone. As mentioned above, the resolution of 8k video reaches 7680 × 4320 (about 33 million pixels). As long as your mobile phone supports 8K video and is equipped with a new generation of Snapdragon 8+ processor, then we You can tap the shutter button on the screen while recording a video, and you can get a 64-megapixel photo. Ultra HD resolution can not only contain more information and restore more details, but also change the way we take videos and photos. Video screenshot: The effect of recording and shooting while recording and shooting into a film (the uploading public account is slightly compressed) This function of recording and shooting is not only suitable for landscape photography, but also can be used in some dynamic scenes, such as portraits, animals, sports etc. TWO .-Focus-Following Gameplay Nowadays, there are many intelligent AI functions in both mobile phone photography and video shooting. The emergence of these AI functions has greatly lowered the user's threshold for use. For example, the familiar focus-tracking function was only used in the past Taking pictures, some Android phones now use this feature for 8K video. For example, in the following scene, when AI recognizes the appearance of a person, it will automatically capture and track the moving person in real time. At this time, a small circle will appear on the screen and focus on the person's face in real time. This function is useful for our daily shooting of portraits, animals, It's so important for sports videos. It not only ensures the clarity of focus, but also provides good technical support for factors such as background blur and exposure, which greatly improves our film production rate. Three .-Provide technical support for professional image creation Whether taking photos or videos, photographers have been seeking different combinations of light, shadow and color, in order to highlight the three-dimensional effect of the picture. However, the previous 8K videos were mostly used for shooting brightly lit landscape scenes, and it was limited to be used in real life scenes in combination with the characteristics of moving images. If 8K video in previous years was still in the usable stage, it has now reached the practical stage. The Snapdragon 8+ is equipped with Snapdragon Sight Snapdragon imaging technology, the ISP specifications have skyrocketed, and the throughput has reached an exaggerated 3.2 billion pixels per second, which also provides powerful hardware support for 8K HDR video. 8K HDR video not only provides a larger size picture, but also makes the highlight have a better dynamic range than the scene. With the blessing of Snapdragon Sight Snapdragon imaging technology, even in the face of large backlight scenes, it still presents. Clear and bright dynamic details, which will help us shoot more three-dimensional movies. The continuous upgrade and iteration of mobile phone processors has not only brought about an improvement in image quality, but 8K video also has more processing space for post-editing. As a simple example, we can crop a 1/4 of a travel Vlog, which is similar to how we recompose a photo. In theory, one 8K video is equivalent to 4 4K videos, which will undoubtedly greatly improve our fault tolerance. 8K video is not only the improvement of picture pixels, its important significance is to improve the look and feel of the picture, and also provide more possibilities for mobile phone image creators. In addition to 8K video, after several years of development, Android phones have made great progress in computational photography, whether it is multi-camera collaboration, high-pixel, multi-frame night scenes, and computing HDR. The realization of these functions is inseparable from the technical support of the chip . Without the support of powerful chip computing power, the breakthrough and innovation of mobile phone functions can only be empty talk. Computational photography will definitely play an increasingly important role in mobile photography in the future. As the creators of mobile photography, we also hope that the Snapdragon chip will continue to break through and innovate, bringing more possibilities to mobile photography. —————— End ——————

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