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British photographer uses film camera to explore women's intimate elegance and nostalgia

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British photographer uses film camera to explore women's intimate elegance and nostalgia

Lena Aires' lens, somewhere between nostalgia and a desire for freedom, a harmonious and peaceful relationship with nature, seems to be part of her artistic practice a part of.

Lena Aires is a British cinematographer who uses film cameras to tell intimate and elegant stories, her photographs exploring femininity, spirituality and the harmony of the natural world. Her delicate and delicate shots, and her wild and unsullied landscapes, convey a sense of calm and tranquility. Her shots seem to be drawn to blooming fields and free horses, but also to warm and private settings and naked female bodies. Her delicate and delicate shots, and her wild and unsullied landscapes, convey a sense of calm and tranquility. Lena Jeanne's harmonious and peaceful relationship with nature seems to be part of her artistic practice. Her aim seems to be attracted by the long blooming fields and free horses, but also by the warm and private environment and the naked female body. She grew up in a small town in North Wales, where her father is Russian and her mother is Welsh. He later went to university in London, where he worked for a few years after graduation, before returning to Wales in 2017. I take pictures to meld memory, place and craft. I work with things I love: spiritual, natural, intimate.

All of my work is shot on 35mm and 120 film - this is the core of the organic, unified feel I want to create. Because it has rich tones and latitude.

Always create his own unique style. Known for her refined style, it fits perfectly with the film and her subject. She specializes in intimate portraits and documentary styles, her shots are characterized by moments of intimacy or the subjects she captures or moments of her own. Photography is such a big part of my life that I can't imagine what I would do without it. It's constantly motivating me to get up and do something good, and I'm always trying to do better.

Lena Aires has had a film camera since she was 14, but only when she moved home a few years ago Really start shooting regularly. The scenery here, especially the coastline and wild horses, has always inspired her to create.

Lena Ellis attempts to capture these themes through intimate portraiture and documentary photography. Works have been exhibited in the UK, Paris and Hong Kong. Alice thinks it's really a blessing to have something in your life that you're obsessed with, in a good way, and that you can envision doing for the rest of your life.

Over time, Alice began to take self-portraits and portraits of others, and through this process, photography slowly began to integrate into her life .

Lena Aires is also Film Lab Manager, and her favorite thing to know about film photography is The process - how it went from a small jar to the final beautiful picture.

What made me pursue photography more seriously, not only because the nature here is so beautiful, but also because when I moved back here, for the first time in a while, I had enough space, time and flexibility to shoot More photos. It really got me creative and it was almost inevitable that I would delve deeper into photography. Photography is my attempt to express who I am, my vision of the world and turn it into something tangible and meaningful. Lena Ellis believes that for many photographers, turning the camera on themselves is a natural progression - being able to experiment with your ideas at your own pace and pace Digging deeper, self-portraits take on new meaning. When you go through it, you start to tell a life story, a very personal story. I don't necessarily feel confident about taking pictures of myself, but I do feel a stronger sense of self-identity that doesn't come naturally to me. It's just the process of making stuff, and whenever I see an artist creating something great, I'm inspired and it motivates me to get more intensity and meaning in my photos. Whether they are film directors, musicians, photographers or writers.

Lena Ellis found some old 35mm Jessops film at a thrift store for £2 each. It expired in 2008, when she didn't have high hopes. Before Lena Ellis started filming, the film sat in her refrigerator for several weeks.

She wanted to try it out, the first time she only took a whole roll of nudes, very simple form, and overexposed. When

Lena Ellis got her scans back from the lab, she couldn't believe it took so long, the results of expired film had How wonderful! Lena Ellis woke up early the next day, hoping and praying that the rest of the film was still in the thrift store display case. Luckily they are still there! Lena Ellis bought ten of them and had a few left in the fridge for emergencies. This is the best film Lena Ellis has ever made.

“There is a strong sense of nostalgia for this place. I long for its intimacy, but at the same time I long for somewhere else.” Sometimes the subject is the house itself, her bed or the window, sometimes she places herself at 35mm In front of the camera, this choice makes this photographic story more personal, turning the viewer into a witness. To date, Lena Alice's work has been exhibited in Paris, the UK and Hong Kong. Southsun is a UK mail order film lab: Processes, scans and prints 35mm and 120mm in C41 colour and black and white. Fine-tune our process for the best scan possible, while remaining cost-competitive and fast and friendly service. Welcome to Lena Ellis's lab.


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