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His "fire burning cloud" at sunset is so beautiful

2022-11-27 02:53:42 [Photography art]
His "fire burning cloud" at sunset is so beautiful

Art - Jeff love Jeff Love American painter - ArtYouhua - Jeff Love (Jeff love), American painter. His love of nature and art dates back to his childhood growing up on an Ohio farm. As Jeff watched his grandfather herd sheep or harvest cornfields, his love for nature grew. Art has always been Jeff's interest, and the two seem to go well together. During his teenage years, he moved to Colorado, which brought him new hobbies and a growing interest in art painting the Rocky Mountains and the West. He studied art in high school and college, but devoted many years to preaching and supporting his family, but also continued to paint. In 2007 he began to study art seriously again, this time with painters such as Phil Starke, Matt Smith and Skip Whitcomb. Other influences include 19th century artists CM Russell and Carl Rungius. "They're adventurers, and I think I feel that way," Jeff said. "If I could go out and live in nature, I'd be happy." Jeff's medium of choice is oil painting, and he works to explore the Arizona landscape and west, both outdoors and in his studio. Jeff enjoys teaching, painting and studying art, wandering the wilderness with his wife Kathy in search of the right light and the perfect composition. He finds most of his inspiration in remote mountainous and desert regions. As an artist, his mission has always been. "Painted in such a way as to reflect the intangible qualities of God, his divinity and eternal power".

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