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Pioneer of Fauvism, French painter André Derain

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Pioneer of Fauvism, French painter André Derain

1906 Westminster Bridge Andre Derain Andre Derain France, (1880-1954)—ArtYouhua—1906 Houses of Parliament at night London 1906 Estaque landscape 21905 Lighthouse at Collioure 1905 Dry sails 1905 On the river Bridge Andre Derain (1880-1954) French painter, one of the pioneers of Fauvism. He shared a studio with Vlaminck and met Matisse at the age of 19. In 1905, he traveled with Matisse in southern France to paint and was deeply influenced by Matisse. However, his approach is less brutish, with more elegant curves and more harmonious colors. "Westminster Bridge", "Estaque Landscape" and "A Corner of Hyde Park" are some of his most outstanding works of Fauvism. 1906 Dance Derain first discovered black art and recognized the richness of folk art and the richness of imagination; he also discovered the mystery of primitive art, Pompeii painting, medieval Gothic art and the art of early Renaissance masters. He studied the secrets of the ancients' artistic creation, re-stepped on the path they have traveled, and used tradition to create modern art. Nature is the source of his creative inspiration, and the masterpieces of the past dynasties in the museum are his models. 1906 Corner of Hyde Park 1904 Music Festival 1905 Collioure View 1905 Fishing Port Collioure 1905 Boats at Collioure 1906 Estac View 1906 Estac Turn 1906 Charing Cross 1906 Westmins Turtle Bridge 1906 Charing Cross Bridge 1906 Charing Cross Bridge 1906 London Blackfriars Bridge 1906 London Bridge 1906 Houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge 1906 The effect of the sun on London water 1907 Cypress 1905 River Seine 1905 Westminster Abbey 1899 Funeral 1904 Landscape near Chatou 1907 Landscape of Cassis 1907 Pine Forest of Cassis 1908 Martigues 1911 Camille's Piper 1911 Jesus at the Last Supper 1912 River 1912 Trees by the Seine

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