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During the epidemic, in order to protect people's livelihood, the boss became a "delivery man"

2023-03-31 00:54:42 [Photography art ]
During the epidemic, in order to protect people's livelihood, the boss became a "delivery man"

At the beginning of 2020, the epidemic struck, which seriously affected our daily production and life. Ma Yawei is the general agent of Heze Shuangyang Food in Cao County. He is mainly engaged in the wholesale business of frozen food. Due to the impact of the epidemic, Ma Yawei delayed the start of work for employees. In the past, employees would basically start to work on the eighth day of the new year to deliver goods to major supermarkets. As a result, Ma Yawei took on all the work of delivering goods. He was both an orderer, a driver, and a porter. Since the eighth day of the new year, he has worked at least 12 hours a day. In order to deliver more goods in a day, he is too late to go home for lunch. Get hungry, grab some cookies in the car, and get back to work. Ma Yawei gets up every morning, first drives the truck to his cold storage to load the goods, and then drives the truck to deliver the goods. After arriving at the supermarket, he has to move the goods to the trolley, push the goods into the supermarket, and then place the goods neatly in the freezer of the supermarket. A box of frozen food weighs at least 5 kilograms, and he distributes about 200 boxes of frozen food every day, that is to say, he moves the 1 ton of frozen food back and forth at least 3 times a day. Ma Yawei said: "I've been exhausted these days. After this period of time has passed, I have to take a good rest. The news said that the best way to prevent and control the epidemic is to stay at home. I also know to stay at home during this period. It’s the safest. If all the food producers don’t work, what will others eat.” For the safety of his family, Ma Yawei bought a small watering can and filled it with alcohol. Every time he went out, he would take this small watering can with him. , Before entering the house, spray it on yourself several times, and then go in after disinfection. These few days, every time before going to bed, his little daughter would ask him coquettishly, "Dad, Dad, can you play with me at home tomorrow, you haven't played with me for many days." In a few days, Dad will definitely accompany you well, baby." Ma Yawei said while stroking his daughter's head. Photo/Text: Zhang Yunping On February 5, 2020, at 2 pm, Ma Yaweiwei supermarket delivered goods in Cao County, Heze City, Shandong Province.

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