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Photo Review: How to Photograph a Road

2022-09-27 00:24:08 [Dark ]
Photo Review: How to Photograph a Road

Road Comments: When taking this photo, the author used a symmetrical composition, a head-up perspective, and a wide-angle lens. Disadvantages: 1. Insufficient brightness of the photo (underexposure) 2. The shooting angle is more common 3. The blank sky is a bit redundant in the picture because the sky is not good-looking. Analysis: 1. Regarding the composition of this photo, what did the author want to show us when taking this photo? I'm guessing that the author took this photo to show us "this road full of flowers on both sides". If so, then the subject of this photo is the road, and everything that appears in our frame is to serve this road. Let's look at this photo again. Obviously, the sky in the picture does not play a role in expressing the road, so when we take this photo, we can adjust the lens downward and remove part of the sky, so that our line of sight Will be more concentrated on this road, as shown below: In this way, the subject of the photo is more prominent. When we are shooting, we can squat down or stand at a high place. In the picture, only one of the sky and the road is left. We can also stand on both sides of the road and shoot from the side, which can not only shoot the long way out, but also highlight the many flowers. 2. Regarding the brightness (exposure) of this photo, this photo is underexposed (a bit dark), we can make the photo strips brighter through post-production. After brightening, the picture effect will become better. At the same time, we have to remember that after brightening this kind of landscape photo, remember to add a little more saturation, so that the colors will look brighter. Help us beautify the picture. Regarding the comments on this photo, just say it here, if you say something inappropriate, or if you have any questions, you can leave a message in the comment area, and we will learn and make progress together.

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