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"Wire" and "Pole"

2022-10-01 03:10:21 [the scenery ]
"Wire" and "Pole"

During this break, I photographed a lot of wires and poles in the county seat. The wires and poles here are still different from those in the city. The biggest feature is the disorder. Countless wires are wrapped around a telephone pole. Obsessive-compulsive disorder patients will definitely feel quite uncomfortable after watching it. We are not unfamiliar with telephone poles. In the development process of our country, it has played a huge role and is an important infrastructure. With the development of the times, more and more wires are connected to the poles, which are more and more messy. This phenomenon is also only an essential step in our development process. In a few years, the wires we can see will gradually be buried in the ground. Make our environment more clean and beautiful. Shooting idea: When I saw the wires and poles, I thought of the lines in the photographic composition. Thinking of lines, I also remembered the role of straight lines, curves, vertical lines, horizontal lines and oblique lines in composition when I was learning about lines. I also thought that a photo should be good-looking and the picture should be balanced (including the size of the lines, the direction of the lines, the shape of the lines, the characteristics of the lines themselves, etc.) After thinking about the above in my mind, I looked down again. Looking at the phone in his hand, he began to think again. Think about what shooting functions my mobile phone has, what are the characteristics of my mobile phone’s camera function, and which characteristics I can use to take the photos I want. After thinking about it, I started to hold up my phone and take pictures of my ideas. It's over, it's not really over yet. The rest of the job is to choose photos, edit them, and publish them. I am a photographer who can only take pictures. I hope these things I wrote can help you find it useful. You can use your little hands to share. If you have any questions about photography, you can leave a message below. Electric wires in the township. Telephone poles in a town street. Electric wires in town streets. Telephone poles in a town street. Electric poles in the county seat. Electric poles in the county seat. The telephone pole in front of the newly developed scenic spot in the county seat. Crooked telephone poles beside a country road. Electric poles in the township. Electric poles at the market intersection. County power lines. County power lines. Electric poles in the village. Electric poles in the scenic area under construction of the county seat. A photo of me with a telephone pole.

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