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Good and bad photo reviews

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Good and bad photo reviews

Through this picture we can very clearly find the intention of the photographer. What the photographer wanted to shoot was the red bridge on the left side of the picture. The red bridge is the subject of this photo. In the first volume of "Photography Textbook of the New York Institute of Photography", the three basic principles of good photos are mentioned at the beginning.

A good photo should follow the following three requirements:

1. A good photo should A prominent subject

Second, elements that appear in a good photo should serve the subject

Third, a good photo should be concise.

According to the above three points, if we look at this photo again, we will easily find out that there is a problem with this photo. The subject is not prominent enough, the picture is unbalanced, the lower right corner is empty, and the whole picture is tilted to the left.


Cut the extra part on the right side of the screen and place the bridge on the screen Center, using symmetrical composition.

As shown in the picture below: Important point: When we take a photo, we keep in mind the requirements of the photo, to ensure that when others view the photo, they can easily see what you want to take, so you are successful. However, when we take pictures, especially those who are new to photography, we often want to take everything into the picture when we learn from the experience and composition. We always feel that this one is also good-looking, and the other is also good-looking. It is a pity that it is not included in the picture. . This is a big no-no in photography, our photos have only one subject. We use a photo to illustrate a problem, and that's it. Don't be too greedy. Only in this way can we achieve a concise picture and a prominent subject. As our photography experience becomes more and more rich, we start to slowly add content to the photos. Only in this way can we control our picture, so that the picture will not be chaotic and the subject will not be clear. To be able to do it, concisely.

Picture reviews that are good and bad

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