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Photo Review: Rapeseed Flowers

2023-03-25 08:08:47 [the scenery ]
Photo Review: Rapeseed Flowers

Comment 1:

These photos are from the same photographer, they have one thing in common, that is, they put the main character in the middle of the picture, When we take this photo, we can put the character in the middle when shooting, and then, in order to avoid the same picture, we can put the character at the third line of the picture through post-cropping, so that the form of the picture will be richer. As shown below. When cropping the photo, we can leave more space on the side facing the face of the character, so that the picture will look more comfortable and not depressing. The main reason why people are placed in the middle when shooting is to facilitate our post-production adjustments. In the post-cropping process, we can not only crop into banner photos, but also into vertical photos. If we take a lot of this kind of photos at a time, and want to post them all in the circle of friends, this operation can enrich the form of our pictures, so as not to make the audience look too monotonous.

Comment 2:

The light in this photo belongs to the side backlight. This light is more common on hot summer days or in clear weather, and the light is hard, with heavy shadows and sharp edges. When we shoot portraits in this light environment, we can let the faces of the characters be in shadow as much as possible, and the light on the faces of the characters will be more uniform and soft. When shooting, you can increase the exposure appropriately. The exposure of the face of the person shall prevail. For exposure, first ensure that the exposure of the face of the person is normal and bright. Because, after all, we are taking portrait photos. It's not good if you blackmail people. Take the above picture as an example, we can let the child turn to his right side, so that the face is completely in the shadow. Also note that the flowers in front of the child block his face, destroying the integrity of the child's face. This situation should be avoided when shooting, because it will be more troublesome to repair later.

(Responsible editor:the scenery)

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