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Live life into poetry and distance|Aesthetics of life hidden in the design of private villas

2023-02-06 19:05:02 [Retro ]
Live life into poetry and distance|Aesthetics of life hidden in the design of private villas

In the British author Somerset Maugham's novel "The Veil", there is such a passage: "I have an idea that the only thing that can free us from our dislike of this world is the beauty that people continue to create despite the chaos in the world. Things: the paintings people describe, the music they write, the books they write, and people's lives. And the most fertile beauty is people's beautiful lives. It's a perfect masterpiece of art." With the continuous improvement of demand, the term "life aesthetics" began to appear frequently in people's eyes. Once upon a time, it seemed that everyone was talking about "Aesthetics of Life", and everyone was chasing "Aesthetics of Life". What exactly is life aesthetics? Mr. Yang Jiang said that half of life is firewood, rice, oil and salt, and half is the sea of ​​stars. Put a little salt, it is salty; put a little sugar, it is sweet; put a little poetry, it is a distant place in the eyes of others, what taste you want is entirely up to you. Aesthetics of life is the "seasoning" that makes life more "tasty". It advocates returning aesthetic activities from the artistic level to daily life, so that "beauty" can grow out of life. In the category of life aesthetics, people's aesthetic pursuit is not satisfied with the production of individual works of art, but strives to penetrate into all life. Housing, clothing, transportation, manners, language, all pursue a form of beauty. In the design of private villas, in most cases, the concept of life aesthetics needs to be integrated. Through life aesthetics, the energy field of the owner is presented, the inner strength is awakened, the quality of life is improved, and it leads people to pursue a better life in a subtle way, and achieve the unity of knowledge and action in aesthetics. The life aesthetics in the design of private villas is not deliberate or publicized, but naturally diffused in the air, revealed from a small ornament, a bunch of flowers, and a book. It does not necessarily mean elegant, high-end, but also natural and plain. It is not the refinement of superficial forms, but through the relationship between space, people and nature, it highlights the value and existence of people in space. Incorporating the aesthetics of life into the design of private villas requires adhering to the people-oriented core. Different people have different perceptions of "beauty" and have different life values. There are significant individual differences among consumers. By experiencing the actual needs of the homeowner, it is what the designer needs to do while ensuring the comfort of the space and meeting the aesthetic taste of the homeowner. Designers can use some means to naturally integrate the aesthetics of life into the design of private villas. For example, drawing on the concepts of "virtuality and reality" and "scenario blending" in traditional Chinese literature and painting, the vivid charm can flow naturally throughout the space. Through design techniques such as color, point, line and surface, light and shadow adjustment, the sense of creativity and life of the space is expressed, so that people in the space can gain emotional resonance. Aesthetics of life, that is, to sublimate the quality of life through the demand for life taste. In the design of private villas, it not only meets the needs of living, but also meets the needs of aesthetics to a great extent, and even makes the residence no longer just a residence, but also an artistic space with aesthetic significance to some extent. Provides comfort, peace of mind and good emotional value. Improve the aesthetics of life and pursue a happy and beautiful life. This is the unity of knowledge and action in the aesthetics of life. The picture in this article comes from the Internet.

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