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Lyn Diefenbach | Bold and delicate realistic style, as if in a sea of ​​flowers

2023-01-29 05:33:49 [Photography art]
Lyn Diefenbach | Bold and delicate realistic style, as if in a sea of ​​flowers

My paintings are a form of meditation and a "public face" of self-expression. Each painting is a vehicle for self-expression and a stepping stone to understanding myself and my chosen subject. Each stepping stone is accompanied by a deep reverence for the abundance of life. Lyn Diefenbach demonstrating pastel painting (video at the end of the article) Born and raised in Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia, Lyn Diefenbach comes from a family of artists and craftsmen who has been in the hands of almost her entire life. holding a brush. Previous generations of her family were potters and painters, a talent that continues to this day. Diefenbach first tried oil painting in elementary school and sold her first painting at the age of 12. A local art association took the young artist under its wing and took her out for an outdoor sketch. This seemingly inconspicuous experience ignited the spark that she embarked on to become a painter, so that she will never be inseparable from art in the future. Initially Diefenbach only painted landscapes, but soon found herself returning to portraiture and the figurative art she was often exposed to in her youth. She was deeply influenced by the painting direction of the American painter Daniel E. Greene and the philosophy of Richard Schmid. She strives to master the technique and quality in her drawings that form the basis for her photorealistic floral art. She describes herself as a painter of reality, happy to give the illusion of three-dimensionality on two-dimensional surfaces. Use her understanding of tones to create dimension in her art. She usually uses photos as a reference. Diefenbach often uses her hands to gently blend pastels, something that many pastel artists shy away from. But this trick gently blends colors together to achieve her out-of-focus background. She loves pastel painting, because the medium can be layered, and they say it is the purest form of paint, a spontaneous form of artistic creation. Oil painting, on the other hand, usually takes an hour to color the first paint on her canvas (and, of course, her oil paintings are brilliant). Her floral work received membership of the International Society of Realism in 2008 and Master Circle status of the International Pastel Society in 2014. She was honored as a Pastelist Master at the Australian Pastel Society. Diefenbach has traveled all over the world as a teacher, imparting her superb skills and techniques. Her work and philosophy has been published in numerous magazines and books, and has been featured in Artists International, Pastel Magazine and Australian Artist magazines. She also appeared in an episode of the 2015 TV show "Put Some Colour In Your Life", a show about artists from Australia and around the world (watch this video at the end of the article). She joked that she was briefly interested in being an archaeologist, but really just wanted to dig something in the dirt, so she turned to gardening. From this, it is not difficult to understand why we see her botanical and floral works so exquisite. Pastel Painting collection by Lyn Diefenbach Flowers Pastel Paintings Reflection Collection Pastel Paintings Seascapes Pastel Paintings Animals Pastel Paintings Portraits and Scenes Pastel Paintings

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