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15 great photos taken by ordinary people: The first 5 photos are so cleverly conceived

2023-01-29 00:55:36 [Light ]
15 great photos taken by ordinary people: The first 5 photos are so cleverly conceived

This photo, I think it's very interesting. The first few photos are all from a routine. You can count them. How many people are in the photos? The 185th issue of "Recommended Works" come [email protected] "Car and Car" Honor 20pro Late stage: a bit of light and shadow, sculpting three people into three looks. There are full bodies, half bodies, and some only a layer of contour light. The pictures are all cars, but they are very different. In addition to unity, there is a big difference. [email protected]秋xiamantian's "Mobile World" Honor 30's photo named Mobile World, it's so appropriate, just like when I was a child, I played to find the difference, the people holding the mobile phone in the photo are linked together, which is both coincidental and ingenious. [email protected] A staircase divides the space into three places. The characters are scattered all over the picture, the shapes are scattered, but the spirits are gathered. [email protected] Xiaopong who loves to eat chicken neck How many people at first glance thought that the author was shooting three stone piers? But looking at it carefully, it turns out that there is a gentleman at the bottom. I really can't imagine how he conceived all this at that time. [email protected]ღ Xiao ღ Xiao ღ "Cleaner" mobile phone: Xiaomi 11u; later stage: snapseed is also sculpted by light and shadow, and three people in a plane are depicted in three appearances. Silhouettes work really well. The people are outside the painting, but the shadows add an artistic touch to the photo. [email protected] Guanshan Tinghai "Happy Time" The color contrast of black and white is outstanding. Among the dark buildings, two small white cars stood out. At the same time, there is a dramatic contrast between big buildings and small figures. [email protected] "Habits" Honor V30 PRO later wake up shot 6 silhouettes on a wall. In white, there are 5 people, and the actions are unified. Inside the red, 1 person, holding a camera to take pictures. The colors and movements are clearly delineated. [email protected] There is the irregular light and shadow of Huawei p30 in "The Sunset Covenant", like golden ink smudged out, people in the water, scattered, quite beautiful. [email protected] A very charming minimalist work, pay attention to the ripples in the upper right part of the picture, that is actually the finishing touch of the photo. [email protected] Liu Ding's palm is in the foreground, under the high flash, a bright white, but the back face is set off. Black and white photos, all you need is contrast. [email protected] light in the dark night of bubble water in outer space, that touch of yellow, in a silent blue, is really dazzling enough. [email protected] "walking in the mirror" iPhone 11promax uses a mirror to divide the space into several parts. The world outside and the world inside the mirror just cross the horizon. Negative is positive, just right. [email protected] It was originally a photo with a very centered composition, but the balance was broken by the two fishing rods that have been bent. There is a difference. becomes interesting. [email protected] Device Apple 13, whether it is the ground sign, the direction of the car, and the road lines, all lead the picture to the illusory tower in the distance, the snowflakes in the sky, and the wet ground, which adds an atmosphere to the photo. [email protected]春来燕 "One Leaf Red Lips" Huawei P30 is ruthless in autumn, and red leaves dance all over the city; it may not be that there is no great love in the world, I will use fallen leaves as red lips. There is no shooting skills at all, it is very similar, very similar, very similar~

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