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If Lu Xun travels to modern times, the most suitable occupation for him is - brand designer

2023-02-06 12:17:39 [Photography art ]
If Lu Xun travels to modern times, the most suitable occupation for him is - brand designer

When you mention Lu Xun, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it "Chao Hua Xi Shi", "Xiang Lin's Wife", "Hometown", the articles one after another in these textbooks, or the "Lu Xun Emoji Pack" that has exploded in recent years? What few people know is that Mr. Lu Xun is a hidden master of graphic design! Does it sound like a dimensional wall is broken? This is not onion news, but a true fact: in addition to thinkers, writers and revolutionaries, Mr. Lu Xun was also a master of graphic design and aesthetics. For example, the famous Peking University emblem logo was designed by Mr. Lu Xun. Cai Yuanpei, the then president of Peking University, mentioned when he invited Lu Xun to design the school badge: Yu would like to ask Mr. to design a school badge for Peking University. So Lu Xun arranged the two seal characters "Peking University" up and down. The upper part of the "North" character was two figures standing with their backs facing each other; The image of people becoming a crowd. Lu Xun used the word "Peking University" to make an image of the backbone, hoping that the graduates of Peking University will become the backbone of the country's democracy and progress. This school badge has also been used by Peking University to this day. In addition to the most famous Peking University emblem, Mr. Lu Xun also participated in the design of the first edition of the national emblem of the Republic of China: the design of this national emblem is the product of the combination of traditional Chinese culture and Western culture. It follows the pattern of twelve chapters in the traditional Chinese official dress, and also refers to the layout of Western national emblems and seals. At the same time, the ribbon on the national emblem also adopts the Western-style display form. Either the school emblem of the highest institution is the national emblem. In modern times, it is a job that can only be taken by super-class logo design masters. In addition, have you ever thought about a question: in that era of waste and waiting, there was no computer and no PS, Mr. Lu Xun published so many books, how did the graphic design of the book cover do? Yep, hand drawn. Without the assistance of computer software, relying on his own aesthetic talent and creative ability, Mr. Lu Xun has cooperated with others or created independently. In his life, he has designed more than 60 works for graphic design, combining fonts and pictures to play various styles. Plant a new pattern. The combination of pictures and fonts, in the social environment at that time, is undoubtedly a pioneering work in design aesthetics, and even has reference value for today's logo design, vi visual design, etc. There are also some hand-painted works by Lu Xun: Lu Xun often referred to himself as an "owl", and designed an owl logo, using the method of positive and negative logo design. Body. It is not difficult to see from the above works that Mr. Lu Xun's personal design style tends to be simple and elegant. This is one of the most admired design styles of the moment. This can't help but open our minds: if Mr. Lu Xun travels to the current peaceful age, in addition to being a writer, becoming a designer seems to be a good choice. Presumably such a design with a strong sense of retro and simplicity can meet the logo design and brand design needs of many people.

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