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The joyful colors and bold brush strokes depict the scenery, which is beautiful

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The joyful colors and bold brush strokes depict the scenery, which is beautiful

Michael Mckee Michael Mckee American artist - ArtYouhua - Michael Mckee (Michael Mckee), American artist. I have been creating and painting for over 40 years. He uses vibrant, joyful colors with bold brushstrokes and shapes to define his high-energy work. Soft chalk, acrylic and oil are his mediums of choice when creating landscapes and abstract works. He sees everything he does in art as a dance of design. These dialogues of color are designed to bring joy and happiness to people's lives. Artist Statement I grew up in a musical family outside of Cleveland, Ohio, where my parents provided 4 curious children with a strong appreciation for the joy of creative endeavor, and the value of art and music in the human experience. For this, and more, I will be forever grateful. I am a recipient of a National Academic Art Scholarship and an honorary graduate of the Pittsburgh Institute of Art, and have spent most of my career as a portrait artist, illustrator, graphic designer, creative director, and 15 years at Success Science co-founder and creative director. Having done everything I wanted in the commercial art world, it was time for me to embark on a new journey... the journey of an artist whose expression is more personal and guided only by the heart. My wife Cassandra and I have vacationed in New Mexico and the Southwest many times over the years. During these trips, I was inspired by the range and density of colors found in the textures of high desert landscapes. On one of those trips, we stood on an observation deck just outside Chimayo, New Mexico, and we saw the most incredible sunset we've ever seen. Reaching out to pick up a handful of red clay, I started rubbing it between my fingers, as if I could feel the setting sun in my hands. For me, it was like seeing the world through new eyes. In that moment, the earth feels like a soft chalk drawing. As soon as I got back to the studio, I ordered a set of the best soft chalk I could find and started working frantically with the medium for almost two years. This solidified my affection for the medium and allowed me to express in color in a way that I could only dream of in the past. For the past 20 years, I have worked mainly in pastels, acrylics and oils, successfully exhibiting at festivals across the country, presenting and selling my landscapes and abstract impressions directly to collectors. This success and my face-to-face relationships with collectors have inspired me to be more passionate about painting than ever before. Both my landscapes and abstract impressions come from simple memories of moments and places, and they are all created with a happy spirit.

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