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Fuji wants to enter the movie camera market with the new X-H2S?

2023-02-06 05:28:28 [Share Photography ]
Fuji wants to enter the movie camera market with the new X-H2S?

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the release of Fuji X-mount. At this time, Fuji has released a series of new products with strong performance, such as the new APS-C mirrorless flagship camera X-H2S released at the end of May, and XF18-120mmF4.0 LM PZ WR and XF150-600mmF5.6-8 R WR are two zoom lenses. The strong video performance of the X-H2S undoubtedly announces that Fujifilm will officially embrace professional video users. There are also speculations about whether Fujifilm will use this to enter the film market or develop a film camera? Fuji has been developing PL mount and E mount professional cine lenses for the film industry, so will Fuji's new two lenses also develop new mount versions? In response to these questions, Jun Watanabe, Fuji's product planning manager, gave the answer.

Question 1: There is currently no plan to develop a movie camera

We have no plans for this at the moment, but you can get it from our X- Seeing stronger video performance on the H2S, I think hybrid cameras like the X-H2S will be the way to go, and will likely go mainstream instead of dedicated cine cameras. Here, I would like to focus on a few points about the unique advantages of X-H2S. First of all, in terms of video performance, it can support 6.2K high-resolution video shooting, uncropped 4K 59.94p high frame rate with ProRes and H.265 encoding formats. In terms of still image shooting, it has also been greatly improved. For example, we have updated F-Log2, and the dynamic range has been increased to 14 stops, which can keep the contrast of dark parts stronger. In addition, the X-H2S's mechanical shutter continuous shooting has reached the highest speed of the current mirrorless camera, the mechanical shutter supports up to 15fps continuous shooting, and the electronic shutter supports up to 40fps continuous shooting. And high-speed continuous shooting at all speeds supports autofocus. As far as the design of the camera itself is concerned, we also have a lot of upgrade points. For example, we have improved the shape of the camera grip, and the focus lever on the front of the fuselage has been replaced by a case, which is easier to operate.

Question 2: There are currently no plans to develop other lens mounts, we will focus on developing internal mount lenses.

We are really working on cinema pro lenses, and our XF18-120mmF4 LM PZ WR zoom lens is perfect for cinema, it incorporates our proprietary technology and I think it can play to our strengths in cinema lenses. However, our cinema lenses still have room for improvement in terms of product line integrity and performance, so we want to focus on our own lens development process first. Article source: Map Camera

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