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Full of luxury! Advanced Color Toning Tips for Fall Photos

2023-02-06 06:40:58 [Photography art ]
Full of luxury! Advanced Color Toning Tips for Fall Photos

One-click release of a blockbuster Dongjian to help you with a new color style every day. Autumn is here, and the leaves start to turn yellow. I am used to seeing the same autumn coloring tutorials. Today we will play something different and teach you how to adjust the painting style. Autumn effect! 1. Toning effect preview 2. To analyze a refreshing and clean picture, the highlights must be clean and the layers must be rich, so we need to adjust the contrast, shadow highlights, black and white to make the details of the picture rich and transparent, and then use defogging to restore Picture level! And this kind of strong summer atmosphere is especially suitable for the plant color that alternates between cyan and yellow, so we can use the curve to adjust the dark part of the plant to a light cyan! Original image completed Figure 3 Post-tool recommendation "Spicy Retouching" is a photography software that has won the annual recommendation of Apple AppStore. It has 120 professional adjustments, 100+ professional filters, and supports functions such as layers and LUTs. 4. The color matching tutorial first adjusts the basic light and shadow of the picture, reduces the exposure, and compresses the highlight details of the picture, so that the picture can be compressed at low brightness to better show the effect of the painting, and then restore the details of the picture, and all the highlights and shadows, white and black, are raised. Here, the details of the dark parts of the picture are lost too much, so almost all of them are pulled down to the far right side. Improve the dehazing and restore the picture level, reduce the natural saturation, increase the saturation, and keep the color transition of the picture natural! Next, use HSL to unify the color of the picture. Red, orange, and yellow are unified to orange-red, so that the atmosphere of autumn can be reflected. Blue, blue, and purple are unified to blue, and the saturation and brightness are reduced to highlight the level of clouds! Next, adjust the curve, compress the white and black parts of the picture separately, and take a point in the middle to improve the transparency of the picture! Then we adjusted the tone separation to add slightly warm colors to the highlights and shadows to enhance the autumn atmosphere, and then added some sharpening to make the picture clear! Finally, create two brightness masks, one selects white, adjusts the range to 100, and then selects the light effect to enhance the contrast and highlights, so that the layers of the clouds in the picture stand out! One chooses black, adjusts the range to 100, increases the exposure to restore the details of the shadows, lowers the tone and adds some green to the shadows to form a color difference with the highlights of the picture, and enhances the fog removal to maintain the shadow level! "Graphic Art Club" is an original brand focusing on the research and development of image color. Since its establishment in 2019, Tuyi Club has released more than 1,000 original art styles, and the number of works applications has reached one million. It has become a database and weather vane of image color popularity. It is the official certified product and partner of the tens of millions of photography APP "Poly". Graphics Filters Buying Guide

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