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The key to good cursive writing makes you a master

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The key to good cursive writing makes you a master

The key to good cursive writing will make you a master! Cheng Zhongchen 1 When I mention the word calligraphy, the first thing I want to say is that it is a modern word that appears in some modern novels and is gradually called out as a fashion word. Before the Republic of China, there was no such vocabulary, and writing was writing. Although the ancients did not have the concept of calligraphy, the ancients had a lot of experience and experience in this area. Calligraphy is divided into five types: seal script, official script, running script, cursive script and regular script. Among these five styles, in terms of artistic attributes, the only thing that is close to the essence of art is cursive script. Therefore, since ancient times, cursive script is the highest form of calligraphy art, and it is also the most difficult font to write among the five bodies. 2 From ancient times to today, it is unrealistic that the five forms of seal, clerical, line, cursive and regular script can be used. But being good at one thing alone doesn't mean that he can't do anything other than this one, but that other things are not specialties. A mature calligrapher should be able to write in all five bodies, as they are mutually beneficial and nourishing. In particular, writing cursive script requires the addition and reconciliation of other script styles, which is inseparable from a transformation process. This is because cursive script has a large demand for information, and all its artistic expressions come from seal, line, and clerical script. Just asking for cursive script in cursive script will not achieve success, at least not far, or climb high. That is to say, it is not advisable to learn cursive script without other script as support. At the same time, to become a master of cursive script, you must have a lot of knowledge to bind. 3 It is also possible to learn cursive script and take regular script, but the relationship between regular script and cursive script is not great. Regular script is the last type of font in the five-body. It can only be used for practicality and has nothing to do with the essence of art. You will learn this font for a lifetime, and you are also a book slave and bookmaker. print. The purpose of writing seal, clerical, and line is only to serve the purpose of learning cursive script well, to lay a foundation, and to enrich the connotation and artistic expression language of drafting books, so as to make cursive script wider and thicker. From the basics of seal script and official script to handwriting cursive script, you can master the pen method of center and flank, and can integrate into the wonderful and beautiful realm. On the basis of seal script, clerical script has added new strokes such as square brush, flanking and pressing brush, which make the lines richer and more vivid, which further enhances the diversity of writing techniques and the appeal of artistic expression. It can be said that only by truly mastering the writing of seal script and official script can we correctly understand and comprehend the essentials of the center pen and fully appreciate the beauty of the side pen. It is also to realize the meaning of using a pen as said by the predecessors, "use a pen as if it were a seal pad, like a cone to draw sand, and a leak in a house". 4 The method of using the pen in cursive style mentioned by the ancients is to tell us that the stippling in cursive script should be full of power, and the power of the brush is an important part of expressing the texture of the brush. When the cone goes down into the sand, the front of the cone goes deep into the sand and the body of the cone remains upright. The pen is the most avoid weak, not good at using the center, the pen is lying on the paper, the pen cannot sink into the bone, and the characters written are a kind of flat and thin. Therefore, the key to using a pen is whether a pen can be "lifted". The ancients also emphasized that pointillism should be rich in astringency, and astringency is also an important part of expressing the texture of the brush. In a word, the so-called "printing pad, such as cone painting sand, house leak marks" refers to the central movement of the brush in the "front and hidden painting" when writing. The embodiment of mature skills. It embodies a kind of natural realm, and it is the embodiment of profound kung fu, mastery of methods, and great observance of pen power. The ancients wrote about these few numbers; the Tao has done the best of using the pen. 5 The ancient Zhang Shen said in the "Fashu Tongshi": "The handwriting of the good calligraphers has the origin, and the radicals all follow the seal script. Those who know have insight, and those who are ignorant do not hear. Li. The direction of the brush to the north, the square and the circle of the body, hidden and visible, all exist in the Tao." The modern painter Wu Changshuo said in the book "Strongly embrace the script and create wild grass". It is the best example to be included in the grass. The above can be said, such as learning cursive script, it is impossible to talk about without the support of seal and clerical pen. Running script and cursive script are related by "blood". You have me, I have you . In history, there are many cursive and mad cursive calligraphers, including modern Mao Runzhi's cursive scripts, which are mixed with cursive scripts or formed in a continuous cursive style. That is to say, to write cursive script well, there must be a process of foundation building and accumulation. Cursive script is the only type of calligraphy with artistic nature among the five body types, especially Jincao and Kuangcao. Positive slant, weight, stroke order, etc., to a large extent, can break through the shackles of various fonts in the past, and integrate seal, clerical, and line in one furnace, and combine the expression techniques of these fonts to increase the skills of cursive writing. Riding across the vast field, doing everything possible to change, so that one's own mood and style can be displayed. 6 Cursive script pays attention to the connection of Qi and veins. It has many forms. One is that the characters are independent of each other, but the momentum is consistent and the blood is connected. even. However, some of the connection between pointillisms is made of thread that cannot be thick or weak. To achieve this, it is difficult to achieve this without sufficient brush power and skillful brushwork. And the use of the lead wire should not be too much or too much. If the hairspring is full of paper, the work will be greatly inferior. The connection of Qi and pulse is not only reflected in one line, but also considers the overall effect of the whole work. Words and words, lines and lines are interspersed in size, gathering, spreading, opening and closing, dense and false, echoing and looking forward, etc., all must be arranged properly to achieve harmony and unity. The cursive script should be intricate in size, gathering, spreading and closing, creating a sense of vertical space and highlighting the touching artistic charm. When arranging the size of the characters, it should be based on the number of strokes of the Chinese characters themselves, and the proper position of the characters in the whole work should be managed. , in order to achieve a sense of harmony in which the large characters are not obtrusive and the small characters are not lost. These experiences and experiences must be comprehended and understood from the ancient dharma. After playing for a long time, it will naturally be handy. 7. The cursive script should be dense and dense between the lines, so that the virtual and the real can be seen. The cursive script breaks the arrangement of the line spacing in the composition, so that the characters and the characters and the lines and the lines are integrated, forming a sense of prudence throughout the text. At the same time, the cursive script should be in a staggered manner when writing, and the odd and positive coexist, that is, there must be a connection between words and words, and lines and lines. In calligraphy, it is called "Deqi". If you want to be deqi, the characters can't be stable. You must pursue danger and seek stability from danger. Its danger and stability are not only in one word, but also in one line, and even in the whole text, "dangerous" is an important feature of cursive script, but its shape changes greatly, the echo is obvious, and the center of gravity is kept balanced. favorable factors. In a line, if one word or number is out of balance, it can be attributed to the balance of the center of gravity by means of the collocation between the upper and lower words. The experience of the ancients has long told us that learning cursive script and mastering dialectics is the key. To master the essentials, only by constantly comprehending in the ancient scriptures, with diligent study and hard practice, in the long run, one can achieve extraordinary writing. Cheng Zhongchen on September 23, 2022 at the seaside of Jiaodong

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