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International fashion photographer known worldwide for his serene and sensual nude portraits

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International fashion photographer known worldwide for his serene and sensual nude portraits

"I'm an idealist, I always think of a utopian world." © Mario Sorrenti A contemporary fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti has been involved in photography since the early 1990s important parts of. Fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti is known for his serene and sexy nude portraits. Sorrenti first came to prominence in 1993 with an iconic advert for Calvin Klein featuring model (and his then-girlfriend) Kate Moss. Sorrenti's photos have since appeared in magazines such as Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. Sorrenti is interested in the immediacy and simplicity of nudity. "I focus and tune into whatever that person seems very powerful at the moment," he said. "They're an essential part of being a person, and that's what I focus on." The elements are rich, the attention to detail, the broad art The field of vision brings his shots closer to the oil painting-like canvas. He is a photographer who successfully balances creative and commercial photography. © Mario Sorrenti The photographer's meteoric rise occurred when he photographed his lover, aspiring model Kate Moss for Calvin Klein perfumery in 1993 with sincerity and unpretentious sensibility that shocked everyone . "I first met Kate in London in 1991, when we were both doing modelling work. My heart was taken away from her right away. She was so fun, sweet and beautiful. After the job, I didn't have a while See her again. I'm not sure what she thought of me that day. I'll have to ask her! I remember the first photo I took of Kate. It was in the backyard of the apartment I was staying in. I hung a white with clothespins Sheets, took a portrait of her. This photo is in the book. "I think we all had a fair amount of influence on each other. Her style is incredible and I know a lot about art and photography. I like to think that we inspire each other. We are still close friends and have worked together countless times over the past 25 years. ”
© Mario Sorrenti “Kate” by Mario Sorrenti is now in print, published by Phaidon. The first 10 years of Mario Sorrenti’s photographic career— Probably the most creative period he's ever been. He's been shooting polaroids, journaling, drawing. My work is my life, my life is my work, between reality and what's being created There's a blur. It's not about money. It's not about taking photos or credits from clients. I'm not responsible. I don't care about anything. Characterized by a complex use of light. People often say to him: "Sorrenti is a photographer who strips his clothes. As an Italian who grew up in New York, he firmly believed that the nude was the most natural state a person could be in. Born in Naples, Italy, and raised in New York, Sorrenti loved working through photography and painting as a young man An experiment in image making." I wouldn't say my pictures are nostalgic, but I think they all have a mood that might take you away from the present. "Sorrenti has published several books, including most recently his Phaidon's 'Kate' book. His work is in the permanent collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum and the National Portrait Gallery in London. My work is my life and my life is There is a blur between my work, reality and what is being created. - Mario Sorrenti Mario studied painting and sculpture as a young man. Planning himself to be an artist like his father. 7 in the Virgin Islands On a secluded day of vacation, Calvin Klein, after seeing and admiring an amateur photo of 21-year-old Mario, was invited for the ad campaign for the fragrance "Obsession", which remains a benchmark for photographers." The pictures were not previewed or stylized,” Kate Moss recalls of that shoot. No one helped me with my hair or makeup. The pictures were as raw as possible. Seven days of our loneliness. Mario and I was madly in love when we were young. Love Make everything very warm. The sensibility and authenticity of these images became a turning point in fashion photography at the time. Simple, sincere shots marked the end of the era of glamour. No one wants to be pretentious, photographers face nature. That nature is important One of the elements was nudity, which Sorenti managed to display as freely as possible. "My parents were both hippies. As children, we spent most of our summers streaking on the beach. Before I was 9 or 10 years old, I remember just lying naked on the beach. Nudity surrounds me all the time. "Hippie's parents" is Sorrenti, dubbed "the Corleone family of fashion photography". His mother, Francesca, is a successful commercial photographer in New York, and Mario's sister, Vanina, has also gained recognition in the photography industry. His younger brother, David, passed away at a young age and became a legend in the fashion photography world. Mario's own daughter, Gray, succeeded in continuing the photographer's dynasty. This creative family environment is what Sorrenti calls "The Art Gene" "I fell in love with photography inadvertently when I was 18. I was dumbfounded when I saw how my first image appeared in photo manipulation fluid. From that day on, it was the only thing I wanted to do. "Sorrenti became fascinated with photography. The first models were his relatives, close friends. Deep artistic knowledge, Italian temperament and love of life helped him find his own language in his work." When I shoot, I always try to capture a mood that takes you out of the moment. This is not just a record of facts. What we've seen makes us ask questions. "Sorrenti is often asked what his approach to shooting is. Why models trust him so much that they agree to the most daring shoots. Mario always answers - his "method" is deep, genuine relationships and A desire to co-create. "Mario and I have been friends for ten years," says photographer Milla Jovovich. "In the process of shooting with him, you feel like something beautiful and intimate is happening." , as if we were writing a poem or a song together. "Trust and friendship are at the heart of Sorrenti's work, as evidenced by the fact that he had no "ex" muse in his career. They worked with Kate Moss for over three decades. In 2012, Soren Ti became the first Italian to be commissioned to photograph the Pirelli annual calendar. Twenty-five years after the iconic photoshoot with Kate Moss in 1993, Sorrenti released a book not included in the main advertising campaign Photo collection in "Polaroids". Despite his reputation in fashion, he continues to find new expressions in photography, experimenting a lot and working on joint projects with his daughter Grey. He considers "new" Photography is deeper and more meaningful. "Today, people are surrounded by images like never before. They learn to understand the meaning of images and use them in new ways to express themselves. 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