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Why is adding a "watermark" more advanced when posting pictures in the circle of friends?

2023-02-06 11:07:10 [the scenery ]
Why is adding a "watermark" more advanced when posting pictures in the circle of friends?

Hello~ Good morning everyone! Adding watermarks to photos is an operation that friends often do. It not only prevents counterfeiting, but also proves personal copyright information. To a certain extent, it can also be beautiful. But after reading too many photos, I found that some friends added various watermarks. The text was too large and the colors were abrupt. The placement not only did not add beauty, but also destroyed the balance of the entire picture. In fact, most people like to add a signature and mobile phone model. Before shooting, we can set a watermark on the camera interface, turn on the model watermark and customize our own nickname. After taking the photo, an exclusive watermark will be automatically generated in the lower left corner of the photo. However, in the early shooting, it is necessary to ensure that the picture composition is correct, so that the watermark will not be skewed when the picture is retouched. So what is a more efficient, convenient and advanced way to add watermarks later? Today I will share with you 3 super useful mini-programs! Each has its own merits, but it can make the photos different instantly. Everyone can choose the watermark that suits their photos according to their own preferences~GO~GO~ONE.ˉ Watermark making features: simple and accurate operation, batch adding watermarks The first one It is to add an exclusive watermark to the photo screen. This is a method that the general public will use, which is simple and has a personal label. Friends who are afraid of trouble and want to be quick can try the "Watermark Making" applet. Each adjustment will have precise parameters, and it can also be operated in batches. Its interface is relatively simple. Importing photos into the album will automatically generate a watermark that covers the screen. We can close the "cover" button. Click "Text" to modify the content and enter your own watermark, such as "©Warren | Shot on HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro+"; adjust the "Angle" parameter to 0, so that the watermark is in the horizontal direction; choose simple colors, usually black or gray or white. Then adjust the "size", reduce it to 10, and adjust the position of the watermark by moving the "horizontal" and "vertical" parameters; those who don't want the watermark to be too obvious can also reduce the transparency of the watermark, and you can customize the watermark according to your personal preferences. ! Click "Preview" and you can save it to the album without any problem. If you want to add watermarks to multiple pictures, you can click "Batch Watermark" to import up to 9 photos. After the same operation is completed, you can save them in batches~ and the pictures will not be specially compressed. quality. TWO.ˉlogo border features: borders, mobile phone logos and custom watermarks can be added. The second is to add a border to the photo and add an exclusive watermark within the border. This allows the viewer's attention to be concentrated in the middle of the picture, and the watermark does not interfere with the content of the photo, but also can be well decorated. We can try to use the small program "logo border", which is not only convenient and simple to operate, but also can add the corresponding mobile phone brand logo, which is super cool! The home page interface is also very simple. After importing photos, the system will automatically match the camera model to generate a logo. We click to expand "logo", and you can view more and close the logo display in the brand selection. Enter personal watermark information in "Text Description", or select a template to modify; the color and size of the text can be adjusted according to the adjustment of the border. For example, click to expand the "border", if you want the margins to be the same width, you can adjust the parameters to scale the photo proportionally; if you turn off the same width, we can reduce the top and left borders to 40, and the bottom border to 200, simulating the frame feel of film paper, Remember to reduce the text size at this time, and the picture will be balanced. If you change the border color to black, also remember to change the text color to white, these colors can be matched by themselves. And click "main image processing", you can add rounded corners and shadows to the photo, and finally save the photo~THREE.ˉPasty Watermark Camera Features: Add iPhone watermark to photos The third is to add iPhone-specific watermarks to photos. Usually we The Apple advertising style effect you see can be achieved by using the "Pasty Watermark Camera" applet. ˇ On the home page, we will see two styles of watermark styles, first click "Apple Ad Style", click "Make My" to import photos. Click the refresh symbol on the right side of the editing interface to switch the model, font and text color to make the watermark fit the screen better. Click the arrow symbol, we can adjust the size and position of the watermark; adjust freely according to personal preferences, and click to save the result after adjustment. The other "camera model style" is to add the corresponding mobile phone shooting model on the photo screen. Also click the refresh symbol to change the model and watermark color, the arrow symbol to change the watermark position and size, adjust and save, it is very convenient ~ good La~ The 3 small programs shared today save time and effort for everyone on the road of adding watermarks to photos, which not only shows personal brand, but also high-level and beautiful~ Reprint: wzsjsy07 | Cooperation: hsds1234

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