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As a well-known "useless inventor", his recent inventions are becoming more and more useful

2023-03-31 00:56:04 [the scenery ]
As a well-known "useless inventor", his recent inventions are becoming more and more useful

The handmade stalk god of millions of fans, the collapse of the human design is actually because the handmade is useful? He was once named and praised by CCTV, and it seems that the black technology in his hands has never disappointed people. 01 At the end of last year, CCTV produced a picture of "Along the River During Qingming Festival", which was dubbed by netizens as "Shangshu of the Ministry of Punishment". There are many easter eggs buried in this picture, recording the people and things worth remembering throughout the year, and among these ordinary people who work hard to live, there is a handicraft called "scrap inventor", and The "cyberpunk" concept car he invented. Just a few days ago, manual Geng just made a hot search on Weibo for inventing a useless thing - a security patrol mecha that the elderly can also use. This security patrol mech has a tough shape and looks very sturdy in structure. There are excavator-type tracks at the bottom, which can not only move freely in all directions, but also enable the tank to turn around and turn in a 360-degree circle on the spot. The Brain-Break Artifact is a small device that can use the power of the fingers to help people with insufficient finger strength, and it can also pop out a loud brain-bump. It's just that this device can't be used on people because it looks a little dangerous. The most representative of these inventions is probably the inverted shampoo. After all, human energy is limited, and manual work will also encounter the problem of creative exhaustion. The pressure to keep the video updated, and the "urging" from netizens, will always make him anxious. Manual Geng is not a natural performer. Facing the camera, he still can't be nervous. For a line in the video, he often needs to record many times to complete it smoothly. But his life did improve because of his invention. He also called his younger brother home and helped him make handicrafts together. In his mother's words, the whole family is supporting him in his work. After watching it, isn't every one of them exciting? Can't wait to try it? In the years when Handicraft became popular, the debate around "useful" and "useless" has never stopped. Useless people see the lack of functionality of the product itself; useful people see the brain hole behind the product and the comic effect brought by handcraft. In any case, we can learn and think from it. 02 Foreign handmade Geng: Every picture is beyond your expectations. Next, I will show you a group of handmade design inventions with great brains. The boy in the picture is a popular blogger called Rightcoastguy on Ins. His Chinese name is Right Bank Boy. He is currently a designer and often does some novel handmade designs. Next, let's open our eyes together. This pair of exaggerated earrings can not only be used as decorations, but also can be used to wipe things. It’s really a dual-purpose thing~ This is more powerful. Infinite spice gloves are the favorite of foodies. This is a decorative belt that can be used as a horn. If someone stands in front of you and you don't want to speak, then you can press the horn until he leaves in confusion. On a rainy day, you are just full of items in your hands and can't take an umbrella. Look here, you don't need to worry about this problem. This drone umbrella frees your hands. It's really cool. , like a magical boy. Really would love to have one. This is a flip flop that hides your route and leaves footprints wherever it goes, making it impossible to tell where exactly you're going. The appetizing fried chicken nugget necklace comes with glasses with water detection sensors for a stylish addition. 03 Isolation helmets There have been countless inventions in human history, and in the 20th century, they exploded. In order to improve work efficiency, Hugo, known as the "father of science fiction", invented a peculiar helmet, and with this helmet, you may lose your life if you wear it. Early 20th century Europe was known for "out-of-the-box" inventions that seemed efficient and futuristic, but in reality, most of them were considered failed inventions. The isolator was one of the inventions considered to have great potential at the time. In this case, Hugo believes that people actually need a product that can improve learning efficiency. At that time, most students in Europe were also distracted by various things that affected their learning. Gernsback, a soon-to-be engineer, found that if we reduce the distractions around us, we only focus on the books we read or write. That piece of paper can reduce distraction, so from his own research, he found that sound was the biggest factor in distraction. This is why he proposed the isolator. Its main purpose is to focus the user's vision, reduce distraction, and improve the user's concentration by limiting the user's field of vision and isolating the sounds around the user. To achieve this, wearing the helmet would restrict the user's entire head, so the helmet was equipped with an oxygen tank that was connected to the isolator by a tube to provide the user with enough oxygen. In order to prevent the user from suffocating, the size of the helmet has been increased. The first people to try wearing the helmets said they felt sleepy because of the quiet and dark environment the helmets gave them. Some of the first people to try the product were claustrophobic, which made them reject the product immediately. In 1925, the product was published in the Journal of the American Physical Society, of which Gernsback was a distinguished member. The concept of this invention deserves respect, but the helmet is so heavy that most people still find it uncomfortable, and the weight itself becomes a distraction factor. I think most people these days prefer to lock themselves in a room and study for hours with little to no distractions around when they study. 04 After the pedestrian catcher hits the person, it directly shovels the person up. The magical device. Netizens shouted: If my wife drives out of the community, she can shovel a truckload of people. Aside from a "safer car" movement that began in the 1930s, the issue was hardly considered in the decades preceding it. Cars in the 1920s actually had road safety issues, and pedestrians were generally fatal if they were hit. Around 1920, inventors started using travel bumpers on cars to solve this problem. In general, it is to drag pedestrians from under the car and walk with them to prevent them from being run over by the car. While travel bumpers come in two styles, active and passive, the passive design is actually the least common. A small revolution occurred in 1927 when the "pedestrian safety device" was introduced. The device was first introduced to the public in Berlin, Germany. It's not actually a safety device, but a giant hammock attached to the front of the car that can "catch" a jaywalker at any time. The driver simply flicks a lever next to the steering wheel and the pedestrian is saved. This wasn't the only "pedestrian catcher" invented by traffic safety pioneers in the early 20th century. According to the National Archives in The Hague, this kind of "shovel on the car" is to "reduce the number of pedestrian casualties." Many netizens have questioned why such a good invention has not been preserved. The answer is that this kind of equipment has a very The serious disadvantage is that the huge structure of the hammock reduces the driver's field of vision, so it's good for friends to appreciate it. Some pictures in this article come from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact the author to delete it. Editing丨Mary Typesetting丨mary

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