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Find the story behind the image in the frame (detailed explanation of the frame diagram)

2022-11-27 01:34:40 [Photography art]
Find the story behind the image in the frame (detailed explanation of the frame diagram)

Composition is one of the most important elements in photography. It is related to whether the subject of the photo stands out and whether it can bring a visual impact to the audience. There are many ways to compose a picture, and the most familiar one is the three-point composition method, but what we are going to talk about today is one of the more interesting methods in composition - the frame method.

I. What is the frame diagram method

A frame diagram refers to highlighting a specific part of the overall photo structure through zooming, perspective, focusing and other methods in the process of taking a photo. Using the natural frame around you as an element of composition, placing your subject inside the frame creates a prominent focal point in your photo. This focal point also adds a sense of story and depth to the photo.

Second, the role of the frame diagram

1. The frame diagram can easily attract the viewer's attention to the photo 2. The frame diagram can make the subject in the photo more prominent 3. The frame diagram can make your The subject is separated from its surroundings 4. A frame drawing gives the photo a more sense of order and structure.

III. Scenarios using frame diagrams

1. When shooting outdoors with too much sky, the sky is likely to appear in the camera's viewfinder to a large extent. When the sky occupies a high proportion of the photo, the subject of the photo is no longer prominent, which goes against the original intention of the photo, and also gives a dull feeling visually. Objects such as tree branches can be used to create a frame that blocks out too much sky in the frame so that the photo doesn't look flat. At the same time, the constructed frame can better highlight the subject and guide the audience's sight. 2. The focus point is not an element in the frame. Using a frame diagram does not necessarily set the focus point in the frame. Use a large aperture to take photos with a shallow depth of field, set the focus outside the frame, and blur the objects in the frame. , which adds depth to the entire photo image. 3. Add contrasting elements Without compromising the structure of the subject in the photo, you can add some contrasting elements to the photo to add interesting colors to your photo, adding contrasting elements, in contrast, On the contrary, the contrast is more prominent and pleasing to the eye. 4. Create a sense of structure If a photo is taken against a cluttered background, it must be flat, without focus and structure. But if a frame is created in this scene, the photos taken will have a focus and a sense of structure under the blessing of this frame. 5. Create an independent image If your subject is something ordinary and simple, just add a frame to create an independent image of your subject.

Fourth, how to make a frame diagram

1. To find a frame To make a frame composition, the first thing to do is to find a frame. Elements such as door frames, arches, windows, buildings, etc. are very easy to frame. Not only that, but there are many elements in nature that can be used to create frames, such as horizons, ocean edges, brick wall gaps and branches and even shadows and Light and so on can be conditions for creating a frame. 2. Choose a focus to practice when shooting a frame diagram, you can try different focus to create different effects. Try placing the frame in or out of focus, both of which can have different effects. When the frame is in focus, the frame is sharp for a sense of realism and visual impact. When the frame is out of focus, the frame is softened, which can look more dreamy and natural, while also enhancing the depth of the photo. 3. Determine the subject of the shot Using framing in photography is fun, but just a single composition won't make the photo better, it will make the bland photo worse. The role of the frame is to highlight the subject. In order to get a good photo, you must first determine a good subject. The frame diagram can make the subject a little bit further magnified. 4. Eliminate useless elements Photography needs to have a concise scene. Even a good scene needs some processing to make the photo look great. Using the frame to eliminate useless elements and cover up the redundant parts, the audience's attraction can be instantly drawn to the subject, making it more prominent.


The frame diagram is a very interesting way of composition, which can easily attract the attention of the audience, make the subject more prominent, and the image more concise and capable. If the focus is within the frame, it can make the photo more visually impactful; if the focus is outside the frame, it can make the photo more harmonious and natural.

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