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Good photos have nothing to do with equipment, but about finding a new way from the routine (detailed explanation of mobile phone creative photography)

2023-02-06 19:12:11 [Photography art ]
Good photos have nothing to do with equipment, but about finding a new way from the routine (detailed explanation of mobile phone creative photography)

Unconsciously, mobile phones have become an indispensable part of life, and life, learning, making friends, and entertainment all depend on it. Now my photography life also relies on the mobile phone, because it is lighter and more convenient than the camera, and can capture more unexpected moments in time; although the picture quality of the mobile phone is indeed not as good as that of the camera, as long as the creativity is integrated into the mobile phone photography , mobile photography can also produce very good results.


1. What is creativity 2. Simple creative techniques And the brain hole creation that originates from life and goes beyond life. Creativity is the most effective way to solve aesthetic fatigue. Its novelty and creativity are a rebellion against tradition and a philosophy that breaks the routine. Mobile photography appeared later than camera photography, and it is not advantageous to shoot some subjects that have been photographed by cameras. Moreover, the camera hardware conditions are good, and the photos taken are of good quality. Even if the partial cropping is performed later, the overall adjustment can still maintain a high definition. However, mobile phones have limited pixels. Generally, what you take is what you get. If you want to maintain the high-definition picture quality, there is not much room for post-editing modification. Therefore, using creative skills to make the picture novel and unique can make mobile photography stand out.

Second, simple creative methods

Creativity is to find another way in the routine, which makes the presentation effect completely different. Here are some creative shooting methods that I often use with strong operability and low difficulty: 1. Comparison: Contrast is a photography method commonly used in photography to emphasize the subject and enrich the picture. It can be color contrast, the amount of contrast of picture elements, the size contrast of the subject and the background, the contrast of light and shadow, and so on. These elements with opposite characteristics are integrated into a photo, which can complement each other, have a degree of relaxation, strong contrast, and harmonious unity. These contrasts can be seen everywhere in life. For example, when the sun sets in the west, the warm sky and the blue sea are a classic set of contrasts of cool and warm colors; the sun shines through the leaves, and the contrast of light and shadow; The contrast between the subject and the background; there are too many contrasts in life, as long as you pay attention, there is contrast everywhere. 2. Dislocation: Dislocation photography is to use the shooting angle to modify the actual shooting effect to create a surreal picture to deceive the human eye and create a surreal effect. To put it simply, it is to use the principle of near big and far small to take two scenes with different distances and the feeling that they are on the same plane. The picture above is to use the dislocation of the white cloud in the kettle to create a smoking effect, which originates from life and exceeds life. 3. Stitching Creative stitching of photos is one of my favorite creative ways because it's the easiest way to turn a waste photo into a blockbuster. Keep the waste pictures in the phone and do not delete them. Then carefully observe the content of the picture, the shape of objects, the relationship between light and shadow, and other things that are similar, and stitch them together. Then you will find two unrelated photos through your The stitching becomes interesting with a clever combination. 4. Reflection Reflection is the reflection of a normal picture through an object to form a symmetrical picture with a profound artistic conception. Generally, I use the water surface to shoot reflections. The specific operation process is divided into three steps:
  • Find a place with a real scene and water surface reflection. You can choose to shoot buildings by the lake, or you can look for puddles after rain. When shooting, try to choose a simple and clean scene;
  • Lower the eye level of the mobile phone and look for the reflection. Depending on the visual range, the reflection will see different things when the camera is lowered. , as shown in the figure below, the sky is more photographed at point b, while the reflection of the building is photographed at point a; You can shoot
not only the ground after the rain, but also the floor with glass reflection and tiles, etc. can achieve the same effect, as long as we pay attention to observation, we can shoot everywhere. 5. Minimalist photography is a process of continuous subtraction. From camera photography to mobile phone photography, the weight on the equipment and the operating procedures are constantly simplified. In terms of shooting, the mobile phone should also try to simplify the picture, and the mobile phone photography can be more advanced if it is minimal. The minimalist shooting method is to reasonably avoid unnecessary things in the picture by constantly changing the camera position to find the angle during the shooting process, leaving only the most important parts. For example, when shooting people in a cluttered environment, I will use the upward shooting method, with the sky as the background, to keep the picture clean.


Creativity is everywhere, as long as you use your imagination, your mobile phone photography can also shoot creative blockbusters beyond the camera. Do you have any good ideas? Feel free to share with me below.

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