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This software that photography masters are using made me decisively give up Lightroom

2023-03-31 00:39:42 [Share Photography ]
This software that photography masters are using made me decisively give up Lightroom

I still remember that the first time I came into contact with capture one was when I watched a master's post-production video. My curiosity drove me to learn about this software. After in-depth study, I got out of control and decided to give up using Lightroom. Today, I will talk to you about why I chose capture one:

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1. What is capture one 2. Brief introduction to panel tools 3. Comparison with Lightroom 4. Several reasons why I choose capture one

I. What is capture one

capture one software is an independent photo editing software developed by the company behind PHASE ONE Digital in Denmark. The tools and functions required by professional photographers such as contrast output, photo conversion, color curve adjustment, etc., and with 80 million pixels, it is the digital back system with the highest pixel native on the earth at present

Second, a brief introduction to panel tools

Click the folder icon on the left, you can directly select the location of the photo file to open the file, there is a thumbnail of the folder in the lower right corner, you can directly drag the control button to change the size of the thumbnail window. Just click on the photo you want to modify to edit it. The camera icon can modify the file name, file storage information, color description, etc. of the file, which is actually the basic information change of the photo. The three circle icons are white balance tools. You can directly use the straw to absorb the highlight areas in the picture, and you can quickly adjust the white balance and correct the color temperature. You can also manually adjust the adjustment bar below. The Curves icon is the Exposure/Curves tool, used to adjust the tone and tone of your photo. The level curve here has a very powerful function, that is, you can tilt and adjust the lines to achieve a gradient effect. The ellipse icon is a lens correction tool that can change photo spheroidization, purple fringing, vignetting, etc. The tic-tac-toe icon is a cropping tool, which can not only crop the photo, but also correct the perspective distortion. The magnifying glass icon can be used to optimize the quality, denoise and sharpen, etc. The brush icon is equivalent to the quick mask tool in ps. You can use the brush to smear the local red area, and a new layer tool can adjust this area separately. The gear icon is used to set the photo output format and size. After setting, click OK.

Three, comparison with Lightroom

Lightroom has some basic functions, capture one, such as Lightroom's most powerful photo sorting and selection star function, one-click preset function, etc. And in some aspects, the functions are better than Lightroom, such as easier to use with Photoshop, better color reproduction of raw format pictures, etc.

Four, several reasons for me to choose capture one

1. Online One of the important factors that photographers like when shooting capture one is that it can be shot online, and the shooting effect can be directly displayed on the spot, and the photos can be transferred to the iPad and iPhone by connecting a cable or directly transferring the photos to allow the model to watch more intuitively and guide the model to adjust. Expression status. Not only that, I often directly control the camera parameters through capture one, and use my mobile phone to control the camera to shoot. It is easier to use this method when shooting large-scale commercial films. 2. Layer tool In Photoshop, the layer tool can be used to achieve non-destructive adjustment, and the degree of modification can be controlled by adjusting the opacity. It is a tool I often use, so that I can use layers to make countless adjustments to photos. Make sure the original image exists. One of the reasons why I use capture one is that it also has this function, which can not only adjust non-destructively, but also soften the edges of local adjustments through "feather mask", making the adjustment of photos gentle and unobtrusive. 3. Friends of Da Vinci who have used Da Vinci's color matching function should know that the color adjustment interface of capture one is similar to the professional color matching software Da Vinci. This control panel is specially designed for color matching. Set, the operation interface is well-organized, and the operation results can be displayed more intuitively. And the combination of the color tool and the layer tool can be adjusted in layers and then adjusted as a whole, so as to achieve a natural transition effect. How about


? After reading it, are you attracted by these powerful functions of capture one like me? Then download one and try it out!
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