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Forest Aria in Xishuangbanna

2023-02-06 19:44:23 [Retro ]
Forest Aria in Xishuangbanna

The car rolls over the overlapping mountains, the wheels run over the winding road, the green pines and green bamboos are going away, the ancient cypress olives are coming, and the charming and magical Xishuangbanna comes into view. "There is a beautiful place where people of all ethnic groups grow up..." When we set foot on this land by the Lancang River, our group of photographers became very excited. In this huge natural tropical garden, as a passer-by from the shallow hills of the Sichuan Basin, of course, I most yearn for the virgin forest that trembles the soul and evokes reverie. The dreamer has stepped into a dream-like situation, the valleys are secluded, the forests are vast, looking up at the top of the head is the towering branches and dense leaves, poplar, redwood, red sandalwood, red maple, yellow locust, eucalyptus, etc. The trees with the surname are built into endless tree walls, and occasionally a white cloud and a ray of sunshine appear in the gap between the leaves and the vines. Xishuangbanna is the densest forest area in Yunnan, and the trees that leave the deepest and most beautiful impression are the trees full of humanity and vitality. Trees love mountains, leaves love trees, the poetic temptation of nature makes people fascinated. Looking down, there are layers of fallen leaves covered the rough and bumpy path. Walking on it gently, there is a soft and rustling sound, and sometimes there is a flowing stream singing quietly, as if with its innocent and speechless charm. welcoming the arrival of strangers. In the virgin forest, many big trees are parasitized by small trees, nourishing the intertwined ancient vines and vines. The shape is strange and the posture is graceful, which makes the tourists stunned and inexplicable. They have long forgotten that they are in the city life. , noise and other troubles caused by troubles. Walking in the virgin forest, the strands of thoughts are drawn by the lingering light in the forest and the aura of the trees. The primitive beauty not only gives people spiritual pleasure, but also gives people supernatural artistic inspiration. As the great poet Goethe once said: "Nature is the greatest book, in every page of its words, you can get the most profound revelation." A line of photographers walked in the virgin forest, greedily sucking high The pure and pollution-free humid air, laughter and frolic reverberated from time to time for a long time. The tall trees rise to the sky, the green shadows dye the road, the ancient and free trees, the horned dragons, the vertical and horizontal roots, the worms and the snakes, and their postures are ever-changing and lifelike. In the hinterland of the forest, the trails meandering, the beautiful scenery can be seen up close, looking up at the clouds and the sky, stirring the ripples in the heart, the wonderful scenery, the poets and literati will surely burst out the sounds of the sky, and the photographers and painters will be filled with inspiration. The beauty of color. This newly developed virgin forest is full of game and mystery. It can't help but recall the long and long history of the southwest frontier, recall the sturdy and romantic stories of ethnic minorities, and look forward to a brighter future here after the western development. Banna style, ancient forest rhythm, beauty intoxicated me, intoxicated by nature. Landscapes are natural, strange, dangerous, steep, or secluded; trees are natural, ancient, young, male, or beautiful; people are born naturally, and nature is inseparable from the ecological environment. Great forest, go home and stay in my dreamland.

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