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"Ghost City" no longer exists, "Genting Village" is still quietly watching

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"Ghost City" no longer exists, "Genting Village" is still quietly watching

"Ghost City" no longer exists and "Genting Village" is still quietly watching. It was still many years ago. When we were working in a local TV station, our film crew specially went to shoot the documentary "Genting Ghost City" in Longchang County, Sichuan, and recorded it in the whole province. The radio and television system won the first prize for documentary. Came here again this summer. But the once famous "Genting Ghost Market" no longer exists. But I still have respect for this ancient village. This article is also a historical record. (Thanks to the relevant information provided by the Longchang Local Office) The birth of Longchang Yunding Ancient Village should be attributed to the big family surnamed Guo. The descendants of the Guo family built a wall with rocks, several feet high, with four gates and more than 200 acres of land inside, forming the prototype of Yunding Village. The second expansion was when the Taiping army entered Sichuan in the ninth year of Xianfeng in the Qing Dynasty (1859). There are six gates in the style of a city wall. The third expansion was in the 20th year of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty (1894). Guo Shuchi, a descendant of the nineteenth generation of the Guo family, recruited migrant workers, increased the wall, expanded the area of ​​the village, and improved the defense facilities, making it a unique manor-style manor in southern Sichuan. Copycat. Yunding Village is located in the middle of the Yunding Mountains in Longchang. Yunding Mountain is the remainder of Daba Mountain, which is the boundary ridge between Longchang County and Lu County. It is shaped like a screen and is placed between Longlu and Lu. It comes from Rongchang and ends at Fushun, which stretches for more than 180 miles. , Zhengjue Temple, etc. The highest peak, called Genting, is located in the south of Longchang City, 40 miles away from the county seat. Yunding Village was built in Shan Xiang, covering an area of ​​245 acres. The wall is 1,640 meters long, 7.4 meters high and 4.5 meters wide. There are 48 manors in it. The building of bunkers and forts correspond to each other, and the village gates and screen walls correspond to each other, which has the style of European medieval castles. Climb up to the Genting Mountain along the winding winding road, and come to the foot of the Genting Field built on the mountain. Looking up, the three striking characters of "Genting Field" on the quaint lintel come into view. Going up the stairs, there is a T-shaped town in front of you, and the streets of the town are all paved with bluestone. Walking along the "one" in the shape of "D", there is an ancient well on the street, which is the daily water source of the residents on the field. The water quality is very good, pure and sweet. Over the years, Genting Stadium has retained the "ghost market" custom of "trading at night and people scattered at dawn". Whenever the fog is filled in the early morning, you can see the torches coming from all directions, flickering in the mountains and forests, and then gathering in the Genting Field like the stars and the moon. After a while, pick and choose side dishes, poultry, and meat, and place them on the narrow streets. Let them choose and buy. The small Genting Arena is full of people and lively. As soon as the day dawned, the field was scattered, and the Genting Field returned to tranquility. Therefore, Genting Field is called "China Genting Ghost Market", also known as "Robber Field". There are many theories about the origin of the "ghost market" in Genting. What is more credible is that in the farming era, due to the large number of poor people in debt, they could only rely on selling some agricultural products to barely cover their daily expenses, unable to repay the debt, and the creditors Most of them live in the village, and these rich people often come to the scene to force the debtors to repay their debts. However, creditors have a very rich nightlife and often play all night, resulting in sleeping late most of the time and not getting up early. The smart debtor came up with a way to come to the market in advance, sell the money and go home early to avoid the creditor. Stepping into the gate of Yunding Village, you can still see the name of the "Yunding Village" inscribed by General Zhang Aiping. At its peak, the ancient village had two roads, north and south, which could lead to the top of the mountain. There are 48 manors all over the village. Some of these manors are majestic, some are exquisite and exquisite, but all of them have sparse flowers and trees, and birdsong is soothing. The interior furnishings are all adapted to room conditions, with some ancient and clumsy carvings, and some new and ingenious. Each garden competes for beauty and wealth, and so on. The luxury of each house reflects the socioeconomic status of the homeowner at that time. Outside each house, there are trails looping back to facilitate mutual communication. From the small courtyard of the cottage, a contemporary scientific and technological elite, Guo Shangping, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has emerged. After graduating from Chongqing University, Guo Shangping studied in the Soviet Union and obtained a doctorate from the Oilfield Development Institute of Moscow Petroleum Institute. He is the main designer of the development of Karamay Oilfield and Daqing Oilfield. Standing on the old site of the old fort in the ancient village, standing on the wall of the village and looking to the north, is the boundary of Lu County, all of which are fertile soil, commonly known as Lu County Bazi. Looking around, you can see beautiful mountains and rivers in the distance, and thousands of acres of flat land in the vicinity, or green waves, or rolling rice waves, giving people a sense of relaxation and joy. If you watch the sunrise here in the early morning on a sunny day, but see the rays of light, a round of red sun bursts out and rises slowly. It is similar to watching the sunrise on Mount Emei but slightly different. Heilingou, the small north gate of the ancient village wall, was once the home of Guo Yi, a national railway model worker, a famous railway route selection expert and senior engineer. Guo Yi has made significant contributions to the route selection of the Chengdu-Chongqing Railway, the Chengdu-Kunming Railway and the Bao-Chengdu Railway. The manor of the ancient village also has a stage, a garden, a pool and so on. This is also where the Guo family practices martial arts, defends themselves against bandits, and keeps fit to defend themselves against the enemy. The martial arts hall used to have the "Zhenwu Save the Nation" inscribed by Zhu De and the plaque "Skilled in Diligence" inscribed by the Tang-style Zun inscription. At present, only the ruins of the Yanwu Hall are left, and there is no plaque left. Roaming the cottage again, once again to experience the unique charm of the "ghost market" customs of Gentingzhai Manor and Genting Field, among which there are many "living fossils" relics of Chinese cottage culture, family culture, architectural culture and folk culture, and there are also many regrets. A rare local historical and cultural treasure, it has not been well inherited, developed and protected for decades. Tourism has not been hot, there have been not many tourists, and photographers have come here to take some photos and hurried away.

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