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Think back then: that romantic affair

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Think back then: that romantic affair

It was many years ago. I was young and arrogant, and my fantasy was not to be a general, to be a high-ranking official, to be a strong general, to be a scientist, but to be a suave young poet: Chanting eloquently, singing in harmony day and night with graceful rhythms of Qionglou, pavilions, stars, birds, insects and insects. So, I held the Book of Songs and Songs, read Tang poetry and Yuan songs, watched He Jingzhi Guo Xiaochuan, and read Zang Ke's Liusha River, but there was "ping pong" in my brain, and I was ashamed to come up with some long and short sentences. Except for three or two lyrics that were turned into type, and occasionally one or two amateur singers sang on the stage, "poetry" gradually drifted away from me. I dare not write poetry, but my enthusiasm for reading poetry is still reserved. Whenever I read a book, read a newspaper, browse the Internet, and encounter a beautiful poem that breaks into my eyes, I will devour it, and I will have a feeling of refreshing and appetizing. It seems that the fate of "poetry" still remains in the subconscious. But in the past ten years, newspapers and magazines have been subscribed to read more, and mobile phones and computers have been read every day, but good poetry has become less and less. In a trance, I feel that there are many "poems" that are becoming more and more incomprehensible, and the more I read it, the more confusing it becomes. The more poetry you write, the more mysterious you become, and the more stupid your mind becomes. I thought it was because I was suffering from dementia and my IQ dropped sharply, but I would have felt the same way when I chatted with friends and relatives around me. Back then, I also had a good impression of Shu Ting and Gu Cheng's poems about the avant-garde's new poems, Misty Poems, and more or less able to understand the true meaning of emotions from them. Nowadays, poets are producing poetry collections, multiplying the number of poems, but there are many poets who write poems, few people who read them, and those who can’t read them don’t like a lot of readers. I’m afraid it’s really worth some “poets” who are roaring and roaring in the poetry. Calm down and think twice. Since ancient times, China has been a great country of poetry in the world. With the progress of the times, poetry has also progressed, but the progress of some poets and "poetry" has greatly exceeded the appreciation and acceptance ability of ordinary people. Qing Gao is lofty, and refined is free from vulgarity. People who are short, fat and thin are "height and short" and can't read. Wouldn't this become a distressed laugh. "Poems are not amazing and die endlessly", a famous saying of the Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu, which has been replaced by some modern poets as "poetry cannot be understood as poetry" The highest state of a poet is to write a poem that is "unread" by others. It is precisely because thousands of people can't read it that "poet" is called a great poet, a top poet, a super poet. Don't you see, so far there are still "poets" rushing into the sky and looking down on all beings? If not, I searched for it thousands of times in the crowd, and when I looked back, the "poet" was admiring himself. "Teardrops form snow in purgatory, like a cruel distance "Move", the poet does not reveal the answer, who knows that this is describing "stars"? "Sleep down a mirage-like egg, and the strings rub down a pool of bloody tears", the poet does not announce the answer, who will guess this Are they talking about "outings" between men and women? Such as "the heart throws thorny hairs and triangular mushrooms, the long arms shake off the red gold and geometric lightning in the tent... I don't know, only the "poet" knows, can't read, really Greatly incomprehensible. Readers are being played by "poetry", but there are "high-level" people who are praising each other, explaining these "poetry" interpretations so thoroughly, embarrassing those of our generation who can't read "poetry" Feeling embarrassed, I had to abandon "poetry" and flee. There are many things in the world that were originally relatively simple. It is because a few overly intelligent geniuses love to play tricks that make clear and clear things complicated and confusing. Simple and simple The sky and the earth, the mountains and the water, and the people and things are chaotic and confusing, which makes people puzzled. Is it not possible that in the confusion of "poeticization", there is a suspicion of arrogance and fame? Literati does not want to be famous is fake Words; poets among literati who do not want to be famous are even rarer; it is even rarer among poets that "great poets" do not want to be famous. But you must not forget: to become famous, you must follow the right path. Poetry is for the public, and those who are in the prime of life do not forget the Liba people, which is still shaping society It is a principle that must be grasped in order to promote the main theme. To become famous by writing "poetry" that "can't understand", not only the author suffers, but the reader suffers, and the ending will be a tragedy; the more poets, the more difficult the poem is to read, "You I just don’t understand the tenderness of the poems”, and the poems and poets will be even more lonely. In the face of the current situation of losing readers in the landslide of poetry, the real poets should take practical actions to defend the national tradition of Chinese poetry and open up the future glory of the Chinese poetry country. . Those who want to be poets, please write good poems. We are eager to read more good poems that we can understand, and we are looking forward to it.

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