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The dusty past is unforgettable

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The dusty past is unforgettable

"The moon walks through the white lotus-like clouds; the evening wind sends waves of moving songs... Every time I hear this long-lost song, my heart will be filled with ripples. "Listening to my mother about the past" What happened", when we were children, we would sing when we wore red scarves. As the years passed, the memories the songs brought to me were often not the romantic and innocent childhood and youth, but the educated youth who went to the mountains and the countryside for two years. In life, the unforgettable moments when men and women educated youth climbed mountains and waters in the vast world, sang and danced for the poor and lower-middle peasants... The mountain villages were smoked, the green bamboos in front of the house, carrying hoes on their shoulders. The exhaustion was washed and relieved in the cool stream. Four or five white geese that had not yet returned to their nests looked at the strangers from the city and bowed their necks a few times, even if they had friendship and said hello. Responding to the call, When I went to the countryside to a village in southern Sichuan, the production team was close to the Tuojiang River. In the 1950s, this village used to be a red flag model for the province's high agricultural productivity. Many big figures have come to visit, and the local farmers are quite knowledgeable. There are more than 80 educated youths from the Neijiang River in Zigong, Chongqing, and they do not seem to have much enthusiasm or disgust. When our group of high school students go to the countryside, the old educated youths in the past have all returned to the city one after another. It's a good deal. Seventeen or eighteen-year-old boys and girls come to the countryside, and there are very few who can really feel at ease as the backbone of the production team. "Educated Youth Offices" at all levels often organize educated youths who have gone to the countryside and those who have returned to their hometowns to set up propaganda teams, so as not to cause trouble. In addition to organizing cultural performances at all levels every year, they also specially arrange time for each production team to cooperate with the center's tasks. The consolation is for the performance. Rehearsing the program, appearing in the performance, and participating in the adjustment performance can all be granted to return to the production team to exchange work points. In order to avoid the heavy manual labor, the educated youth are desperately trying to squeeze into the propaganda team. Those who used to go to school in the city could not People who are interested in entertainment often feel regretful at this time. When I get up in the morning, stand on the ridge and hang my voice, open my throat, and sing the upper part of "Red Lantern" in a left tone and a left tone: standing in front of the earthen house, relying on the peach trees and sycamore trees to press down on the waist and lower legs , oh yo yo shouting "it hurts", has become a rare sight for educated youth to get angry and get into the propaganda team. In my brigade, four male educated youth from Chongqing and Neijiang were fortunate enough to join the commune propaganda team. All of them were 1.7 meters tall. At that time, they had thin waists and long legs and bounced well. Three of them were school propaganda members when they were in middle school in the city, so they naturally became the backbone of the commune propaganda team. There are more than 30 rows of wooden benches in the blue-tiled wooden house, and a small stage with a size of more than 20 square meters. The educated youth rehearse on it. Shaking left and right. When they are happy, they roar a few times, and the echoes reflected by the four walls will last for several seconds. The propaganda team members all eat together in the commune during intensive rehearsal. Most of the time they eat dry noodles. They are as happy as a festival. The publicity team of the commune rehearses the program, and there are dance solo performances and allegiance comic duets. It is also a pleasure to tour the production teams. Dinner is in advance. Kai, after the intensive lectures in the commune, long queues set out to the performance site, flashlights, lanterns, cross fields and mountain roads. Talking, laughing, fighting, the sky is dark blue, the stars are twinkling, the night wind is blowing, frogs and insects are croaking, while receiving re-education of the poor and lower-middle peasants, and at the same time showing the poor and lower-middle peasants what they are good at with culture and knowledge, it is inevitable that they will be in my heart. A little bit of pride and pushiness. When we arrived at the performance location, adults and children were already chattering all over the place. The courtyard was used as the stage, and several kerosene lamps were hung high. Moths and mosquitoes were constantly flying beside it. The educated youths gathered together and put on makeup Changing back lines. Sitting on the bench, standing by the sunbath, and climbing on the tree, the members pointed, this one said "the fat girl in the flower shirt is the Chongqing educated youth of the third team"; the one who shouted "the thin man in the yellow military uniform" , is a returning youth from the Sixth Brigade"; "Secretary Li's niece of the commune is a substitute teacher and is also dancing"; "The singer is playing friends with the male educated youth of the Seventh Brigade"; a condolence performance from the commune is a collective of educated youths Great exposure. After all, there was still a gap between the city and the countryside at that time, and it was rare for the members to have a chance to focus on the appearance of the girls and boys in the city. The members responded with warm applause and laughter to each program of the performance, and the educated youths, regardless of their level, worked extraordinarily hard. A performance lasts two or three hours, and after the performance is over, they invite each other to stay overnight, usually bragging, playing cards, cooking nights and tossing until dawn. If an educated youth does not have vegetables, meat, eggs, and fruits to eat at home, everyone will coax or send two or three people to the commune's private plot to steal something edible to fill their stomachs. The "petty theft" of the educated youth seems to be intentional to add excitement, and it is not considered a big fault. At that time, our educated youth propaganda team was also well-known throughout the county, such as Chongqing educated youth Zhang Yu, Neijiang educated youth Yang Ying, and a group of actresses from the Neimianchang Children's School Farm. We organized the county to raise the performance, and our propaganda team accounted for half. Taking advantage of my close relationship with the county art troupe, I secretly lent an accordion from the head of the troupe and returned to the production team to play in the morning and practice at night, which finally came in handy. The erhu, flute, dulcimer, violin, accordion, and the small band of the commune propaganda team also have some skills. Our township is affiliated to eight brigades and more than 40 production teams. Some are close to the banks of the Tuojiang River, and some are located on the top of the Jianjian Mountain. The footprints of the propaganda team members are in a hurry. Rural educated youth. The local ladies and gentlemen also like to promote the team members. Often after the performance, someone will send a few eggs and grab a few handfuls of peanuts, which makes everyone feel warm. Whether it is a cold winter with dark nights and high winds, or a golden autumn when the sky is high and cloudless, whether it is an early spring with a breeze and a sweltering summer, as long as the publicity and performance tasks are arranged in advance, everyone will appear on the stage in high spirits. Sing, dance, pull, play, put your worries behind, forget your fatigue, and build a stronger friendship. The green hills all around are listening, and the crops in all directions are watching. Every time I perform, I am happy, happy, happy, and excited. Decades have passed, but when I think about it now, the educated youth went to the countryside to sing and dance and really solved a big problem. Otherwise, the monotonous and boring life will really make young people who are full of vigor and vitality get bored. "Wenfeng, sent me a burst of moving songs..." When I was free, I really wanted my precious son to "listen to Dad's talk about the past." (The text and pictures are the original author)

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