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Ghost Stories of Mid-Year Festival

2023-03-31 02:32:09 [Share Photography ]
Ghost Stories of Mid-Year Festival

Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is suitable for telling a ghost story. The Zhongyuan Festival evolved from the "July and a half" farming season in ancient times. The first half of July is a folk festival to celebrate the harvest and reward the earth in early autumn. When crops are mature, folks should worship their ancestors as a rule, and use new rice as offerings to report the autumn success to their ancestors. This festival is a traditional cultural festival in memory of ancestors, and its cultural core is to respect ancestors and filial piety. With the evolution of time, I do not know when this festival has evolved into a customary ghost festival. The Chinese seem to be particularly taboo to say death. Some people say that we are afraid of death because we are all afraid of the unknown; others say that we lack a tolerant attitude towards death. For religious people, one of the core functions of religion is to solve the problems of the afterlife, and they have their own explanations, and we unfortunately do not believe in these theories. For a large number of other people, the popularization of knowledge and education allows everyone to rationally recognize and accept this fact. Unfortunately, we also lack this kind of education... In fact, in Japanese Zen Buddhism, death is one of the most important The proposition of unknown death, He Zhisheng... Since it is a ghost festival, it must be very suitable to tell a ghost story. Today, I will share with you a movie about the death proposition. Let’s feel the thinking about death together in this ghost story. This is a wonderful ghost film made by American director David Lowe, called "Ghost Story" (7 he Ghost Story), the protagonist is a ghost named C. He and M were originally a loving couple. One day, C died in a car accident. After a still long shot of dozens of seconds in the morgue, the corpse lying on the bed suddenly sat up, and C's ghost returned home. Then the whole movie is just C's ghost wandering the room doing nothing but waiting and watching in silence. He was dressed in pale white sheets and had two dark circles under his eyes with a little sadness. He was as quiet as a statue. He stood in the corner of the room and watched the grief of his lover and the sale of the house that belonged to them. Watching the new family come in, watching their house being demolished. Among the ruins, he found that he was not the only one trapped in the endless waiting. There is a wonderful dialogue between him and the ghost next door: "I'm waiting for someone." "Who?" "I don't remember." The infinite time passed forever, and C finally pulled out that M before leaving. Small note in the wall crack. That's what supported him to get through all the sadness and loneliness of all the time, and was willing to wait forever. After looking at the small note, he disappeared in an instant. A lifeless white sheet falls on the floor and the movie ends. As a modern ghost story, it is neither scary nor cute, just a simple fable, but it perfectly integrates many anxieties of modern society. What C's ghost can't let go is not only his wife, but also the home he built, his memories, and all the details of his life that have been rendered meaningless by death, because these are the only connections he has left with the world. . If the myth tells us how the world came into being, how human beings grasp their own destiny, use their own courage, resourcefulness, ambition, speed and strength to make amazing actions, defeat terrifying monsters, and build great clans and civilizations . Then, ghost stories tell us how the world is destroyed, how the fate of mankind is involuntary, and how life on earth can fall apart in an instant. But more importantly, these stories remind us that we are alive, and what a wonderful thing it is to be alive. Author: He Yangeng

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