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"Civilization and health, you have me" public service advertisement design lights up urban civilization

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"Civilization and health, you have me" public service advertisement design lights up urban civilization

The large-scale public service advertisement located at the entrance and exit of the expressway in Ma'anshan City is full of flowers, and there are also beautiful figures of original public service advertisements blooming on the streets of Ma'anshan along with the flowers. Park plazas, street signs, bus stops, farmers markets and community areas are guided by the Civilization Office of Ma'anshan City, and the Graphic Design Department of the Contemporary Visual Art Center undertakes the design and production of the series of public service advertisements of "Civilization and Health, You Have Me" which is eye-catching. Liang, these newly released more than 10,000 public service advertisement posters constitute a beautiful urban landscape. Citizens are watching public service advertisements, public service advertisements, walking into the community, and approaching residents. In the information age where graphic language has become an advantage in communication, we have entered a new century of design culture. The integration of design and culture creates a cultural life form of diversified design, and makes the concept, thinking, style and aesthetics of design infiltrate unique cultural value. This time, Ma'anshan City took public service advertisements as a catalyst to cultivate citizens' civilized and elegant qualities and subtly nourish people's hearts. Use visual language to explain the eternal topics of people and people, people and society, and people and nature, to show traditional virtues, public ethics and social care. After the design task was taken over, the Graphic Design Department of the Contemporary Visual Art Center launched a discussion based on the design center's idea of ​​"civilization and health, with you and me". Focusing on the six themes of "green environmental protection, healthy life, civilized behavior, good mentality, environmental cleaning, and building a new style", thinking, researching, and careful design, for each theme, multiple design drafts are produced according to different styles, and each picture is carefully revised. , Several changes to the draft, and strive for perfection. Under the unified "civilized and healthy, you have me" theme logo, "public health, nature protection, orderly compliance, civility and courtesy, changing customs, garbage classification, physical exercise, regular work and rest, scientific diet, civilized dining table, watch and help, "Scholarly Society" and other 12 types of print public service advertisements. With the supervision of the guidance unit and the joint efforts of the design team, the design draft has been well received by all sectors of society once it has been put into the city's public welfare publicity. China Civilization Network even reported the results of this public service advertisement design on the homepage under the title "Ma'anshan, Anhui: Ten Thousands of Public Service Advertisements Dress Up the "Poem City" and Light Up Urban Civilization". The original public service advertisements designed this time have formed five characteristics in repeated polishing. 01 Highlight the ideological nature. These public service advertisements have a new sense of the times, are highly targeted, and have a wide range of popularity. While conveying the concept of civilized and healthy life, they guide citizens to pay attention to social issues and daily habits. , subtly change their own concepts and behaviors in daily life, so as to form a good mainstream of social civilization and improve the social civilization of the entire city. Building an ecologically blessed Maanshan public service advertisement on the bus platform of the one-meter-line public service advertisement against the background, citizens consciously and orderly queue up 02 Stress on artistry Every public service advertisement strives to capture excellence, the picture is simple, the style is diverse, and the color is rich. For example, in the public service advertisement of "Transforming Customs and Changing Customs", an unfolded scroll, embellished with bamboo and plum, launched the public welfare publicity theme of "respecting simplicity and virtue, and changing customs and habits", giving people the enjoyment of beauty and infinite associations of reverie. The picture is simple, and the ancient style is integrated into the public service advertisement unit wall of Ma'anshan's dedicated bicycle riding path, which has become a public service advertisement position The lake scenery and the quaint Quishiji are all integrated into the background of the public service advertisement screen. The local elements not only complement the theme of the screen, but also enhance the sense of pride and belonging of the citizens. A public service advertisement showing the scenery of the famous Sanji of the Yangtze River - Caishiji Sanyuan Cave A public service advertisement with the Ma'anshan Yangtze River Bridge as the background 04 Pay attention to the traditional nature and add a large number of traditional Chinese cultural artistic conception to the public service advertisement, highlighting mutual help, civility and courtesy, reading The traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, such as self-cultivation, still have practical significance today. Public service advertisements displayed in residential areas 05 Ease of dissemination Based on the simple and not simple creative idea, the painting style of heavy ink and color is abandoned, and it strives to be fresh and elegant, and it is clear at a glance. At the same time, taking into account people's reading habits and different communication methods, each type of public service advertisement is designed in two styles, horizontal and vertical, so that the "civilized and healthy" content in the public service advertisement can be immersed in the mind at a glance. The public service advertisement words strive to be easy to understand, rhyme in harmony, and catchy. For example, the "happy exercise, healthy forever" of healthy life category, "sorting at the fingertips, civilization at the heart" of the garbage disposal category have been unforgettable. ​The design style is simple and easy to see at a glance Public service advertisements on the fence of the construction site Public service advertisements on the busy streets of the big screen "Civilized and healthy, you have me" after the public service advertisements were released, the city's public squares, road name signs, bus stops, Publicity boards and billboards such as park scenic spots, street communities, building enclosures, etc. are all installed on the walls and windows. Media platforms such as public LED screens and TVs are also continuously published and displayed, forming a strong publicity atmosphere of "civilized and healthy, with you and me". The refreshing public service advertisement is welcomed and praised by the public for its closeness and caring characteristics. ------------- END ------------- Source: Civilization Ma'anshan Text Editor: Xiaoqian Review: Zibuyu Review: He Yan
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In the design of this public service advertisement, we have received the full support of teachers from the photography industry in Ma'anshan City and provided a large number of local elements of photography. Special thanks to: Zhong Koucheng, Wu Changgui, Wang Fengxiang, He Yan, Feng Weijun, Xia Jun, etc.

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