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Photo Story: Small Town under the Epidemic

2023-03-31 02:08:48 [Photography art]
Photo Story: Small Town under the Epidemic

Positioning: Ma'anshan, Anhui Text: He Yan Photo shooting: He Yan This picture is from the Internet. This is a fourth-tier town in the south of the Yangtze River. It is quiet, beautiful, and livable. It has the reputation of the city of landscape poetry. As a low-risk city located in the epidemic analysis report, in order to prevent the occurrence of danger, various epidemic prevention measures are still carried out in the specifications of "epidemic war". In the unknown "opponent strength" battle, no one dares to slack off. Understanding the epidemic began with various fragmented information circulating on the Internet in mid-to-late January. Like most people in this city, feel that it is a bad thing, like every earthquake or other natural disaster around the world, this feeling is out of compassion without endangering your own fear or other . Until one day, Lao Zhang let me see a picture, the picture is that the medical staff in Wuhan have changed into fully armed protective clothing. Old Zhang said half-jokingly, this seems to be the equipment in Resident Evil, it seems that this disease may not be simple. Also because of the warning in this picture, Lao Zhang quickly ordered a batch of N95 masks and air valve masks. It is also these masks that have supported our work and life since the outbreak of the epidemic. As Academician Zhong Nanshan arrived in Wuhan, the situation took a turn for the worse. The hearts of people all over the country are tightening for the city of Wuhan. At the same time, the Lunar New Year is coming as scheduled. Children on New Year's Eve posted pictures of their little sisters wearing masks to celebrate the New Year in the circle of friends. At this time, children more or less think that wearing masks is a fun thing. I don't know, since then, wearing a mask has become a daily routine. On the third day of the Lunar New Year, when the lanterns are on, the empty streets are rising, the streets are empty and car-free, and the streets are beautiful and lonely. Epidemic prevention and control points are set up at the entrance of the community. Residents need to exit and exit the community and enter the community or other public places. At 37.2 degrees Celsius, further observation is required. Volunteers who are sticking to epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic posts in the rain are still open as a supermarket that supplies daily necessities. A checkpoint for temperature measurement is set up at the entrance. The cashier wears disposable raincoats as protective clothing. On the street, customers who came to supply sporadically stopped public transportation (buses, taxis), and shared bicycles became the means of transportation for most people. Sanitation workers are still working hard for the normal life of the city and people. The shops along the street are also surrounded by iron fences, and the electric vehicle shops have pasted a sign saying "opening" on the fence, and the maintenance and after-sales service of electric vehicles are still adhered to. One of the landmark buildings of this small town, the electronic screen of the shopping mall displays the graphic of "Wuhan Come on", which is also the common aspiration of the people of the whole country at this moment. Come on, Wuhan! Go China! The feelings of the comrades who were volunteers together in the work group

I remember a saying: If you can't beat you, you will definitely succeed! Through this epidemic, the hearts of Chinese sons and daughters are so tightly embraced! We firmly believe that in this battle between humans and bacteria, the sons and daughters of the Chinese will surely win. Such a great and brave nation will surely become more and more prosperous!

I wish the motherland a prosperous weather, peace and prosperity for the country!

Editor: Xiaoqian Zibuyu Reviewer: He Yan

(Responsible editor:Photography art)

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