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What are the changes in the newly upgraded E-mount 85mm F1.8 lens of domestic lens manufacturer Yongnuo?

2023-02-06 18:52:21 [Dark ]
What are the changes in the newly upgraded E-mount 85mm F1.8 lens of domestic lens manufacturer Yongnuo?

Yongnuo launched the new 85mm F1.8 lens for Sony E-mount on August 15th. It is a minor upgrade from the previous red circle version. So what are the upgrades? Let's take a look!

Changes and upgrade points

The optical structure of Yongnuo's new lens is the same as the original red circle version, with 9 optical lenses in 8 groups, including one For low-dispersion lenses and high-refractive-index lenses, for specific theoretical tests and real shooting experience, you can refer to our previous evaluation articles. At the same time, Yongnuo also launched the latest Nikon Z-mount version 85mm F1.8, which we also added for comparison. As can be seen from the outer packaging box, the design is still the familiar black, white and gray tone, while the new 85mm F1.8 packaging box has been greatly simplified; "YONGNUO" that highlights the brand. Consistent with the outer packaging, the words on the lens body, lens cap, and bayonet cover are also converted to the words "YONGNUO". Yongnuo 85mm F1.8S DF DSM Yongnuo 85mm F1.8Z DF DSM The red-circle version is made of plastic and weighs about 346g. The new lens is made of all-metal material and weighs 385g, which is 40g more than the red-circle version. , the length is 1mm shorter, and the size is 67×87mm. In actual use, it is still in line with the positioning of light and portable. The original red circle version of Yongnuo 85mm F1.8S DF DSM The overall design of the new 85mm F1.8 has a lot of inheritance from the recently launched Z-mount version. The red circle is removed, and the shape of the lens is changed. For the straight type, the all-black color mirror body looks more advanced. We believe that this appearance is quite characteristic of Yongnuo. The original red circle version Yongnuo 85mm F1.8S DF DSM hood is still the ancestral LH-60 T. It is made of plastic and feels soft to the touch. This design is really not very good-looking. According to Yongnuo officials, a new hood design is already being planned, and you can look forward to it. In addition to the above design changes, the new 85mm F1.8 incorporates a dust-proof and waterproof rubber ring at the bayonet, which can effectively resist the entry of dust and water droplets, but it is not completely waterproof. You should still pay attention to protecting the lens when shooting in rainy weather. The new 85mm F1.8 optimizes the quality of the coating, which can effectively suppress backlight ghosting and improve glare; it also improves the autofocus accuracy, and the focusing performance is quieter and faster when shooting.


To sum up, the difference between the new 85mm F1.8 and the red circle version is 40g heavier in weight and 200 yuan more expensive in price. However, the design of the new lens has been greatly changed. It is made of all-metal material, which is more concise and durable. On the basis of the original, the coating has been optimized, the autofocus performance has been improved, and the dustproof and waterproof rubber ring has been added. Judging from this upgrade and changes, Yongnuo has carefully listened to the feedback from users and made comprehensive improvements to the lens. The appearance of the lens is more beautiful and concise. We hope to see a unified lens design language in subsequent lenses. Up to now, Yongnuo has three full-frame mirrorless lenses for Sony, 35mm F2 (1499 yuan), 50mm F1.8 (1999 yuan), 85mm F1.8 (red circle version 1799 yuan, new 1999 yuan), the prices are all Less than 2,000 yuan, to provide Sony users with a different choice.

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