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15 good photos taken by ordinary people: Maybe not good-looking, but definitely full of personality

2023-02-06 19:18:10 [Photoes ]
15 good photos taken by ordinary people: Maybe not good-looking, but definitely full of personality

Perhaps it was influenced by the photos of the last "volcanic eruption". In this issue, I received a group of similar "abstract" photos. These photos may not be very beautiful, but they are absolutely, very interesting. "Recommended Works" Issue 105 come [email protected]思伟Is this a rainbow-colored oil painting? In fact, it is just the reflection of the bridge: by the way, if you like this effect, you can use the wake-up image for the post-frame filter processing. [email protected] taste of afternoon sunshine "Ice Age" The continents on the earth are all frozen? The original image is here: Spaghetti, very fragrant. [email protected] States Red "Flower Cat? 》Huawei Mate40RS Porsche The remaining small advertisement on the snapseed wall in the later period looks like a small cat. Not only is it like, but it is also very characteristic. Should Tmall pay a little endorsement fee? [email protected]楽心 "Mint Leaf Plaid Shirt" The afternoon sunlight of Apple 6S penetrated through the screen window and was divided into many small lattices reflected on the mint leaves. It felt very interesting. Mint leaves, wearing new clothes, under the close-up, it is very abstract A photo of Kusama reminiscent of Yayoi Kusama's work. Of course, it will be more interesting if you can adjust the color saturation after appropriate post-production. [email protected] Storage Fertilizer is built with tall buildings above, sand to be sifted below, and the depression in the middle just fits into a worker, forming an ingenious connection between the three. It is said that Rome was not built in a day, but in this picture, it seems that the building was instantly transformed by the workers with the sand in front of them. [email protected] photographers The real costumed people, the modern "people" in the ancient landscape, and the opposite group of characters have made an interesting visual contrast. [email protected] touch of gold on the sea level "Summer Street" shooting equipment: Honor 30pro+. Later stage: lr is also a "full twist" comparison, "duck duck wool thread", these four words look very hot. And below, there is a passerby who just passed by and is too hot. Do you think there is any conflict in such a combination? [email protected] "Home" VivoX70pro + is still a contrasting combination of conflicting techniques, bird cage, home. Except the birdcage in the photo is a bit messy, nothing else is wrong. [email protected] Axiang "Cinderella" Sony a6000 grandma walks 2km every morning to exercise. Before Cinderella opened the door, the real Cinderella started to move. Grandma in grey, and the words Cinderella on the wall. I can't tell where the juncture is, but put it together, I feel inexplicably that this is a photo with a very dark sense of humor. [email protected]西之郎iPhone13 "One Thing Only Show" is a single flower and a single person. What's interesting is that both are red, which is particularly conspicuous among the green. One up and one down, echoing each other from a distance. [email protected] backrest of the small pong theater, which loves chicken necks, is very ordinary. But this camera angle, this color and light, seem to let people see countless "god-sent inspirations". 12 @Forget-me-not jc On the light pole, four lights, on four lights, four birds. The timing is very unique, and the composition of the picture is very balanced. [email protected] has been preventing and controlling for several months, and it is limited to walking in the mini-community. Nothing to shoot. The stairs across the courtyard at the sunset of the summer solstice attract attention. The iPhone 12 comes with a filter to convert it to black and white. Light and shadow and reality, the photo is divided into two, black and white processing, highlighting the black and white light and shadow, making the expression of geometric lines more straightforward. [email protected] just don't want to get up "Interesting Light and Shadow" iPhone 11 late stage: the Snapseed screen is upside down as a bright spot, so that the arc of the road is divergent and upward, which will make the lines of the photo more rhythmic and more intense, with a black line and a black line Between the white, the characters are scattered on the lines, and the light poles are added, which do not interfere with each other, and are very simple. [email protected] Guo Zilin sunset split the picture into several geometric figures. The intercepted booths, walls and trains also split the picture into several geometric figures. In this way, a double ingenuity is formed. The figure gives the photo the main body, so this photo has bright spots in both overall and detail.

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