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In 2020, the new model of self-owned brand MEP water control at China Expo is popular

2023-02-06 05:43:10 [Photoes ]
In 2020, the new model of self-owned brand MEP water control at China Expo is popular

"2020 China Environmental Expo" Fan Jing, the head of Jiangsu Microcontrol in Jiangsu Microcontrol Exhibition Area, took a group photo with the visitors of the Expo. The 2020 China Environmental Expo was unprecedented, and the three major pollution battles were decisively won - "MEP Environmental Vaccine" national independent brand received Welcome to the market Recently, the 2020 China Environmental Expo, co-hosted by the Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences and the Munich Messe Group, has been unprecedentedly grand. Among them, Jiangsu Microcontrol Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., whose booth was in the National Ecological Exhibition Area, was welcomed by the market with its unique MEP environmental vaccine new model of water control. Recently, due to the hot summer, the cyanobacteria + black and odorous lakes in Taihu Lake, Dianchi Lake, Qingdao and other places have exploded, and customers have made special trips to seek help. At the academic expert seminar on agricultural development strategy and rural livable environment held by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences on June 6 this year, Mr. Fan Jing, the inventor of MEP environmental vaccine and chairman of Jiangsu Microcontrol Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., gave a special report on the control of rural black and odor. The new model of the river detonated the market for the treatment of polluted water bodies. At this Expo, Jiangsu Microcontrol took the courage to launch the interim measures for market operation, and was responsible for capital investment. In order to obtain the qualification of "adopting irreplaceable patented technology" in the national bidding law, real money fully assumed the investment in demonstration projects. : Win the general contracting of the project with actual results. In the follow-up management, relying on the ETV international environmental assessment system alliance platform introduced by the Chinese Society for Environmental Science, the online automatic monitoring data of water quality will be displayed to the mobile phone of the river chief and other relevant officials every day, and an expert group will be organized. The evaluation and review, the objective and fair review of the river management conclusion to the government owner, the financial settlement of the project, the new technology, the new model, and the new market operation method are widely welcomed by the local government. In recent years, this scientific invention technology has been used in the treatment of polluted rivers and lakes, with 23 successful cases. Among them, the pollution control of a 77-kilometer-long Rongjiang North River in Fengshun County in Meizhou City, Guangdong Province took only three months to restore the inferior V-class black and odorous water body to drinkable lll-class water. The case was approved by the expert group. Evaluation and evaluation, the level of science and technology is ahead of the international level.

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