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The first wine tasting of "2020 Absolute Value" was successfully held

2022-11-27 03:32:49 [Photoes ]
The first wine tasting of "2020 Absolute Value" was successfully held

"Three points of wine, seven points of love, --- Winter Night and Red Wine Knight Tall, Powerful and Magnificent Wine Tasting" organized by "2020 Absolute Value" was successfully held on January 15, 2020 at the Rosewood Dragon Court in Beijing, with more than 20 guests Attend. The inviter, Mr. Gao Daqiang, can be regarded as a leader in the domestic wine industry. He is the 2016 Overseas Red Wine Knight of the 1855 Grand Crus Association, the 2010 Overseas Red Wine Knight of the French Bordeaux-Pomerol Association, and the 2006 Overseas Red Wine Knight of the French Bordeaux-Saint-Timilon Wine Association. On the evening of January 15, 2020, Mr. Gao Daqiang, a wine knight, carefully selected 6 classic wines including Mission Lafite, Castle Olivier, and Castle Liguanxuan for the guests present. Mr. Gao Daqiang performed affectionately on the spot and shared the wine knowledge accumulated over 30 years with friends. He told the history of the left and right banks of Bordeaux, the characteristics of major wineries, the evaluation of each wine, etc., and also described several red wine stories vividly: Among them, he was invited by Baron Philippe Rothschild, the former owner of Mouton Chateau, to visit Mouton Chateau, and the friendship story with Roland Dassault, the owner of Chateau Dassault, etc. The guests benefited a lot. Light, with a long aftertaste. Spending money wisely is a skill! On the same day, the "2020 Absolute Value" applet was launched. Following the Duke headhunting app and the organic, Yunshanxin launched the "2020 Absolute Value" smart life platform. The three formed the Absolute Value Alliance, which is committed to providing consumers with high-quality "value for money" Healthy living experience. The products and services of "2020 Absolute Value" are all-encompassing, covering the food, accommodation and transportation of consumers. The 6 classic red wines from the left and right banks of Bordeaux, France, selected at the tasting session, can be purchased in the "2020 Absolute Value" applet. Value" applet is online. Mouton Chateau invites a historical artist (such as Picasso, Dali, Andy Warhol, etc.) to customize its wine label for the year, which is of collection significance. On the same day, Romanian treasures for more than two centuries, such as the royal water secco, the "Dripke" baby water, and grandmother's secret cookies, etc., were also launched on the "2020 Absolute Value" applet. "2020 Absolute Value" has launched a series of organic food full of earthy sunshine, delicious taste, healthy and cheap. There is also the restrained and luxurious Opposite House Hotel in Beijing, which is suitable for business travelers and honeymooners. The colorful travel section includes "Big Wave Card" and "Small Wave Card", Lake Baikal, Vladivostok, Sanya, Da Nang, and Macau. With a card in hand, you can go as soon as you say it, and accompany you on multiple weekends or small long vacations. a bit. According to the person in charge of "2020 Absolute Value", all products are personally experienced by the staff responsible for purchasing, and manufacturers purchase, and strictly control the production process of the products. For example, organic products must have domestic and foreign organic certification, with a rigorous attitude , to select the world's best and cheapest products for consumers. The core team of Yunshanxin, which launched the "2020 Absolute Value", has developed and operated China Merchants Bank's first domestic bank credit card APP "Handheld Life", focusing on Internet application technology innovation and financial technology applications, and has provided more than 30 banks with nearly a hundred Its professional technology and operational capabilities have been recognized by startups, Fortune 500 companies and financial institutions. For more than 10 years, the Internet team has carried out in-depth cooperation with many domestic banks to innovate application scenarios and build a smart payment ecological chain. "2020 Absolute Value" focuses on consumer finance and optimized payment. In the future, it plans to launch a series of points and coupons. One-time consumption, multiple incomes, points can be deducted for cash, and high-quality products can be enjoyed. The launch of "2020 Absolute Value" marks the formation of a high-quality healthy life experience matrix created by Yunsunxin. Yunshanxin is positioned to "innovate smart payment and empower application scenarios". In the future, it will keep pace with the times and forge ahead, and is committed to becoming a leading and optimized payment application engine to create the most optimized payment ecosystem and become an inclusive public. of high-tech companies.

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