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Subverting the traditional business model, the world's first free headhunting APP is launched in Beijing

2023-03-31 01:53:10 [Photography art ]
Subverting the traditional business model, the world's first free headhunting APP is launched in Beijing

The world's first free headhunting APP, which is provided by Yunshanxin (Zhuhai Hengqin) Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yunshanxin), provides technical framework and online promotion. The recruitment + Internet industry has added variables, and it has also become a major event in the headhunting industry since the beginning of the winter. More than 200 people including domestic human resources experts, representatives of Fortune 500 companies, well-known investment institutions, media and workplace elites witnessed this important moment. Subverting the traditional model of the headhunting industry Headhunting, as the name suggests, is to collect senior talents. Different from intermediary companies, headhunting companies are specially entrusted to search for personnel with specialized technology, advanced skills or senior management, and do not charge individuals (candidates), but charge service fees to the entrusting enterprises after reaching the purpose of cooperation. The free headhunting APP launched by Beijing Duke Headhunting Data Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Duke Data) has subverted the traditional business model of the headhunting industry. It does not charge commissioned enterprises for headhunting services, and encourages them to publish various types of higher vocational and high-paying recruitment information. , in order to attract elites such as mid-level and high-level professionals, technical experts, and industry experts who have registered on the platform. On this basis, a series of technical and operational means are used to allow higher vocational information, circle interaction and Duxuan Mall to interact, so as to achieve traffic introduction, traffic management and traffic realization, and achieve a new business model of cross-border integration. According to Zhu Chunsheng, chairman of Duke Data, the original intention of creating a free headhunting APP is to build a promotion and salary increase information for middle and high-end people in the workplace while solving the pain points of high cost, low efficiency and difficult matching for employers to recruit elites in the workplace. platform. "We are actually running a '360,000 yuan circle club', and the companies are posting jobs with an annual salary of more than 360,000 yuan, and the applicants are also powerful and confident workplace elites. We have customized for this group. Products and services including workplace development, education and training, leisure, health, brand consumption, etc., create a convenient and considerate ecosystem." Hardcore technology leads the innovation cloud flash letter is positioned in "innovative smart payment, empowering application scenarios", is the A high-tech enterprise with the vision of becoming a leading and optimized payment application engine, with the mission of creating an optimized payment ecosystem and benefiting the public, it has deployed technology R&D and business operation centers in Zhuhai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other places. In order to solve the problem of precise matching between job requirements and candidates' vocational skills and comprehensive literacy, the Duke Free Headhunting APP adopts a series of advanced technologies such as mobile Internet, big data and artificial intelligence with independent intellectual property rights to achieve "thousands of thousands of people". face, one person, one strategy", which has triggered a profound change in the whole process of headhunting business. It is worth mentioning that the Duke Headhunting APP abandons the traditional fixed menu and adopts a triangular floating "rubik's cube menu", analyzes the use intention through personalized tags, predicts the next behavior, and instantly recommends the best algorithm to improve the performance. Recruitment efficiency. The user operation page is dynamic and stylish. In the App era, who can quickly get through the pain points of consumers, be consumer-oriented, respond to industry changes, turn opportunities into business models, and demonstrate the best consumer insights, product capabilities and technology applications, so as to form user stickiness and continuous traffic. And accurate portrait, who will stand out and win the market. According to reports, in order to create a phenomenon-level platform product, the online promotion of the Duke free headhunting APP has introduced the cloud flash letter Internet team that has designed, developed and operated the first domestic bank credit card APP "Handheld Life". The Yunshanxin team is composed of practical elites from many fields, focusing on Internet application technology innovation and financial technology applications, and has provided nearly 100 services for more than 30 banks. Accreditation of financial institutions. As a well-known application case in the banking industry, Handheld Life has been a beacon of financial technology APPs since its launch in 2008. For more than 10 years, the Internet team has carried out in-depth cooperation with many domestic banks to innovate application scenarios and build a smart payment ecological chain. Begins with professionalism and thrives on innovation. Yunshanxin keeps pace with the times, forges ahead, and continuously optimizes and upgrades its proprietary technology. ) and other application barriers to build the core competitiveness, through the exploration of the interaction and integration of opinion leaders (KOL) and mainstream consumers (KOC), with the spirit of craftsmanship, the introduction of traffic, traffic management and traffic realization will be deeper, more solid and stronger. Capital favors free headhunting mode With the rapid rise of China's economy, corporate competition is more dependent on the team of good generals who devise strategies and win thousands of miles. According to the predictions of the World Bank, The Economist and other institutions, China's economic growth mode will increasingly rely on professional technology and management talents. Zhu Chunsheng said that Duke Data is positioned to "make headhunting services free from now on" to help China's economic development. When he was studying for an MBA at Duke University in the United States, he found that the turnover of a leading human resources company in Switzerland exceeded that of the entire headhunting industry in China. At that time, he was determined to create an international headhunting service brand rooted in the Chinese market. Several human resources experts interviewed on the spot said that with bold and novel forms of expression, and cross-border integration that dares to be the first, the Duke free headhunting APP is about to set off a big change in the field of Internet human resources. Once the free headhunting model of Duke Data was launched, it was hotly discussed and sought after by capital. According to Zhu Chunsheng, the investment of tens of millions of yuan in Beijing Hehuoren Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been finalized a few days ago, and the investment details of several funds are being proposed.

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