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Leveraging + Internet, Chia Tai Group tests the waters of social new retail

2023-03-31 00:43:58 [Photoes ]
Leveraging + Internet, Chia Tai Group tests the waters of social new retail

An epidemic has forced all industries to speed up the pace of thinking and choosing the path of digital survival and development. Whether it is to rely on the Internet to counterattack, or to innovate with the trend, entrepreneurs have different opinions and show their abilities. As a world-renowned retail giant, Chia Tai Group leveraged the strategic layout of + Internet to test the new social retail model from Lanzhou, and actively promote digital transformation. At the signing ceremony of CP Group and Beijing Duke Headhunting Data Technology Co., Ltd. on July 10, the two parties announced the new retail integrated marketing ecosystem (MMMOS) based on Duke data technology, and launched the new social retail platform "CP Youxianke" ”, first of all to empower and divert the flow of nearly 30 Chia Tai Group’s excellent fresh convenience stores in Lanzhou, and then gradually expand to stores in other provinces and cities. At the same time, in order to actively respond to the national call for "six stability" and "six guarantees", the two parties will join hands to recruit 10,000 fresh graduates in nearly 100 cities including Lanzhou, and cooperate with the new retail transformation as "CP Service Ambassador" to realize their entrepreneurial innovation. dream. CP Group and Duke Data Technology jointly build a new social retail platform. CP Group is the first Thai company to invest in China after China's reform and opening up. It has established nearly 600 companies in China with more than 90,000 employees. Food, Chia Tai Eggs, Chia Tai Seeds, CP Lotus, Dayang Motorcycle, Chia Tai Plaza, Chia Tai Pharmaceuticals, "Chia Tai Variety Show" and other well-known companies, brands and products. Bai Shanlin, Senior Vice Chairman of CP Group's Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Food Enterprise China, said, "The core of new retail is service, providing a better shopping experience and maximizing customer value. Marketing methods are eclectic, not only customer-oriented, but also customer-oriented. We must also like to hear it, and new forms such as online live broadcast and online celebrity delivery can be boldly tried.” Bai Shanlin, senior vice chairman of CP Group’s agriculture, animal husbandry and food enterprise in China, Duke Data Technology is a professional company in the + Internet field, good at traffic Introducing, operating and monetizing, the team has successfully served phenomenal customers such as "Pocket Life". Its founder Zhu Chunsheng said that we will use artificial intelligence technology and AI intelligent precision matching system to re-build people, goods and fields, analyze the behavior habits of online consumers, and provide the most accurate real-time according to the needs of different time points. Commodities and life service recommendation, solve the last mile and last hour problems of offline community convenience stores, and make them a community hub for urban life. According to Zhu Chunsheng, founder of Duke Data Technology, "Zhengda Youxianke" relies on the MMMOS system to provide consumers with intelligent technology, mobile social, Care logistics, membership services, smart finance in one of the refined and differentiated services, feel the intelligent, comfortable and intimate shopping experience.

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