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How can you take pictures of the super moon with a mobile phone?

2022-11-27 02:35:24 [Dark ]
How can you take pictures of the super moon with a mobile phone?

There will be such a super moon every once in a while. No, the super moon will come again in 2022. In the past two days, many friends will post the moon in the circle of friends. Most of them are like this. No surprise. Today, my uncle will teach you a few tricks to shoot the moon quickly, so that your super moon will stand out in the circle of friends. The timing and location of the preparation before shooting is half the success ① Shooting time ordinary people shoot the moon casually. The background of the moon is monotonous black and lacks a sense of atmosphere. Students who read this article, you must know that the best time to photograph the moon is 20 to 30 minutes after sunset. During this time, the sky will appear blue, forming a beautiful mood with the bright moon. . ©Zhong Hai | Honor 30 Pro② How to know the blues time In order to more accurately grasp the moonrise and sunset time, we can download a "Qiaoshe Live Version" APP, which can be used to clearly query the specific moonrise and sunset time of your location. For example, in the screenshot below, the blues moment appears at 18:51, which is the best time to shoot the moon during the day. ③ How to choose the camera position to shoot the moon Pay attention to the weather, geographical advantage, and people. The so-called "geographical advantage" is the choice of the shooting position. In the App, we can see that each time period has the approximate position of the moon. For example, the screenshot below shows that the moon is in the "southeast by east" position at 18:51, so our camera position should be To choose the direction of "North by West". Choose the right camera, your moon photos have surpassed 50% of your friends! Why is seat selection important? Below we illustrate with some cases. Shooting skills Many friends like to use 60x telephoto to take pictures of the moon. This operation is not wrong, but the pictures taken will be relatively simple, which is no different from the moon photos taken by other friends. The correct operation is to combine the moon with the scene on the ground to create, you can refer to the following methods: 1/. Contrast method ① Large and small contrast The mobile phone has no long guns and short cannons, and the moon is usually photographed relatively small, but we can use the size Contrast method shooting, this method is suitable for students who do not have telephoto on their mobile phones. The most important point is: look for a large area of ​​the foreground to fill the picture, pay attention to the color of the foreground should be as simple as possible, which can better highlight the petite moon. To further highlight the "bigness" of the foreground, you can choose to shoot with an ultra-wide angle. The ultra-wide-angle has a perspective effect of "closer and far smaller", and the part close to the lens will be enlarged, which can better emphasize the foreground part of the picture. © Tang Hebiao | HUAWEI P40 Pro+② Spatial contrast super wide-angle can be used to emphasize "size contrast", while telephoto can "compress" the moon and buildings thousands of miles away into one picture. The sky is a simple blue, so we can find a building with a simpler color and shoot with a 5x or 10x zoom. Symmetrical composition can be used, half moon and half building. ©HUAWEI P40 Pro | Lu Lianyu③ The third shooting method of the virtual-real contrast method is to use the relationship between the person and the moon to shoot. Specific operation: Turn on the professional mode of the mobile phone, switch to 2x medium focus, use manual focus (AF), slide the focus point to the right, and lock the focus on the moon in the distance. At this time, the characters close to the lens will be blurred. effect, while the moon in the distance is in focus. The front and rear virtual and real structures will add a lot of artistic conception to the picture, and if you add some graininess to the photo in the later stage, it will have the taste of film. 2/. Combining motion and stillness to shoot the moon alone will look monotonous and serious. You can try to combine motion and stillness to increase the interest of the picture. ① Combine the plants to find branches and flowers as the foreground of the picture, and use the upward view composition. It is best to fix the mobile phone on a tripod to ensure the stability of the mobile phone. Specific operation: Take the vivo X70 Pro+ as an example, open the time slow door mode - flowing water waterfall - click the upper right corner to select the exposure time of 4-8 seconds, and click to shoot. ②Using the cloud If you encounter a sky with flowing clouds, you can also turn on the time slow gate function. The shutter time is set to 8-10 seconds, and you can take pictures of moving clouds and the moon that combine motion and stillness. ③Using the airplane that flies over from time to time in addition to the moving clouds in the airplane sky, you can quickly capture the moment when the airplane flies by. Shooting airplanes requires a fast shutter time, so it is recommended to use the main camera. Because the same exposure time is used, the image quality of the main camera will be higher. If you can't take a quick snapshot in normal mode, it is recommended to open the professional mode to reduce the shutter time to shoot. ©Xiaopeng Guan | vivo X60 Pro+3/. Increasing the foreground Using foreground composition is a technique we often use when shooting the moon. Different foregrounds can create different moods for photos. ① The use of the frame frame diagram can eliminate sundries and let the audience's interest focus on the subject in the frame for the first time. We can look for some space with a frame structure as the foreground, which can be doors and windows, billboards, or a space frame formed by walls and so on. Selecting a telephoto shot can better compress the distance between the foreground and the background. The focus point can be selected on the moon in the distance, and the exposure compensation can be reduced to present better picture details. ② The use of dead branches will give people a feeling of loneliness. When shooting the moon, you can find dead branches as the foreground to set off the atmosphere. In order to better create this lonely atmosphere, we can turn on the professional mode and adjust the white balance to blue, which can make the sky bluer. It should be noted that the white balance cannot be too "blue", otherwise it will look a bit fake. Because the branches grow upward, the composition still chooses vertical composition, so that the moon will have a sense of space "hanging on the branches". ©Tanghebiao | HUAWEI P40 Pro+③ Using landmark buildings Every city has landmark buildings. Combining the moon and landmark buildings to shoot can better enhance the atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival. For example, to shoot the Shanghai Tower with a total height of 632 meters, we can use 10x zoom to shoot, the focus is selected on the main body of the building, and the moon appears as a foil. Note that the longer the focal length, the larger the moon, but the less part of the corresponding building body can be photographed. Therefore, if you use 10x zoom to shoot, you have to keep a far enough distance from the main body of the building to capture a more complete main body of the building. The picture quality of the mobile phone is of course not comparable to that of a professional SLR telephoto, but the mobile phone has multiple cameras and an intelligent operation mode, which gives us greater convenience in creation and more freedom in the choice of scenes. For mobile phone users, shooting the moon is not a clearer picture than someone else, but to see if the photographer can skillfully combine some prospects and shooting skills to create a more artistic moon. This article provides some shooting ideas, I believe everyone can Take more awesome photos! Well, the above is all the content shared today. If you think this article is helpful to you, please forward it, please watch it, and please like it! Pay attention to mobile phone photography, and share mobile photography dry goods with you every day! Reprint: wzsjsy07 | Cooperation: hsds1234

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