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Zhang Yimou's first spy film "On the Cliff"|Cinema Study Photography

2023-03-31 02:35:59 [Share Photography ]
Zhang Yimou's first spy film "On the Cliff"|Cinema Study Photography

On the cliffs, before dawn; with a blood of passion, seeing death as home. This is the first spy film directed by Zhang Yimou. Laomouzi is a master at playing with light and shadow, and this movie #onthecliff# is no exception. Most of the characters here wear round-brimmed hats, and the lighting is basically top light, which can not only make the characters appear three-dimensional, but also render the mysterious atmosphere of the picture. It should be noted that the brim of the hat will block the eyes and need to increase the eye light. But this is not necessary. For example, in these two sets of shots of Uncle Ni, there is no eye light, and there is no window to the soul. Instead, it adds more mystery and fear. Uncle Ni is playing the spy chief here. Does he have the ruthless energy of "The Godfather"? Then there is this small triangle light, which is very common in spy films, action films, suspense films and other genres. The small triangle light is generally arranged with hard light, which can make the face of the character more three-dimensional, and it is also a lighting method suitable for almost everyone, because it is also thin. Whether the shadow part is filled with light and the strength of the fill light can determine the tone atmosphere of the entire picture. When taking portrait photos, you can also add rim light to distinguish people from dark backgrounds. Look at two more shots from inside the car. This one is of the person on the right, facing left, and his eyes are looking forward; the other is also on the right, but he is facing the right, and his eyes are looking out of the frame. Do you think the two make you feel different? #photography# The first picture gives people a more relaxed feeling, because the direction his eyes are looking at has a picture and content, and the audience has a bottom line. The atmosphere of the second picture is tense and exciting, because his eyes are looking out of the picture, but what is outside the picture? We don't know, we're curious, and coupled with his serious expression, a tense atmosphere emerges. This kind of composition will bring people's imagination space. This is a shot taken behind the window upstairs through the glass. In film and television dramas, there are many such framed compositions. And this kind of shooting from the hole in the window has a feeling of voyeurism. Combined with the plot, it actually shows the helplessness and determination of the characters. Beyond the pre-dawn darkness, we will finally see the light of day. The reason why I can create videos freely today is because many heroic warriors chose to sacrifice before dawn, thank the martyrs and pay tribute to the heroes!

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