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If you take a picture of me like this, I swear, I'll break off with you

2023-02-06 12:27:29 [Retro ]
If you take a picture of me like this, I swear, I'll break off with you

Due to the epidemic, I haven't been out to shoot for a long time. The photos I took before have been used many times in the article, and there is no more food left. I hope the epidemic will pass as soon as possible when the rice is in the pot. So, today I will comment on the photos. Of course, even if I use other people's photos to write articles, I will be very careful, I believe you will also gain something from it. For a scene photo, it will be better to blur the plate in the back, so that the main part of the front can be more prominent. When shooting in the early stage, you can choose a larger aperture, of course, you can also do blurring in the later stage. In addition, it is best to place 3 strawberries on the front plate. This is also known as the "law of odd numbers", which means keeping an odd number of subjects in a photo. This trick will make the photo more eye-catching and more aesthetically pleasing to the human eye. It is also a still life photo, this camera position is a bit low. This scene is better to shoot flat, and do not use a wide-angle lens. It is recommended to choose a lens with a focal length of 50mm-85mm, so that the perspective effect of the photos taken will be closer to the effect of the human eye and look more realistic. If you shoot with a phone, shoot with the 2-3x telephoto lens on your phone. Everything is fine in the picture above, but it's ruined on this straw. Object placement and depth of field control are good. It's just that the straw is a bit obtrusive, it is recommended to change the color. Another thing is that the straws should not be placed so vertical, and the effect will be better if the angle is tilted to the right. This photo is unbalanced in composition. There are more mountains on the left, and the position of the two children is also to the left, giving people a feeling of instability. Just let the two kids sit a little to the right, or you can sit a little to the left. It's the same scene, and the photo below is much more stable. Let's look at another picture of a character. The lower part of the table is too dark, and the outline of the person's lower body is almost submerged in black. This is a typical high-light ratio scene, with a bit of a big contrast between indoors and outdoors. If the exposure of the part outside the window is the criterion, the indoor part is easy to be very dark. However, if the exposure is aimed at the dark part, the outdoor part will be overexposed. Consider shooting in HDR or exposure bracketing mode, so that you can take into account the details of the highlights and shadows in the frame. Or do a post-production for the above image, and brighten the shadow part. But don't brighten it too much either, that part is the shadow after all. The outline of the character can be a little clearer. This is a close-up of a part of the character, and the color contrast in the picture is wonderful. It's a pity that some clutter on the ground can distract the reader. The picture below is the effect after I removed the sundries through snapseed, a photo editing app. It is estimated that this photo was captured by the author. If it is a pose shot, you can clean up the debris on the ground before shooting. Try not to deal with problems that can be solved in the early stage. This photo of the person holding the phone is out of focus. The most attractive part of the picture is the screen of the mobile phone, but this part is virtual. We must actively choose the focus point when taking pictures, rather than hand it over to the equipment completely. If you take a picture with a mobile phone, after composing the picture, click with your finger in the picture. The position you click is the focus point, and it is also the clearest part of the picture. Above is the original image, below is the result after my adjustment. Even though it's just a cut, there's still a big change. The characters in the picture are facing to the left, so it will be more comfortable to keep more of the left part. In addition, the right side of the screen is pitch black, and there is no point worth paying attention to. A few bright spots at the top of the original image will also be distracting, and the effect after cropping is much better. Another shortcoming is that the tops of the characters are overexposed, and there is no way to do this in the later stage. Therefore, we must pay attention next time. When shooting in the early stage, we can try to expose as much as possible, so that the picture quality will be better. But don't overexpose or the detail in the overexposed areas will be irreversibly lost. Check out a few more scenic photos below. The problem with this one is that the shooting range is too large. The sky is nothing special, just shoot the part of the mountain below. Remember to frame only the best parts when taking pictures. Another scene with a high light ratio, the parts outside the hole lost a lot of detail. If I'm on set, I'll use a tripod for steady support and shoot with exposure bracketing or HDR. If you are using a camera, you can choose a small aperture such as f16, and you can also shoot the starburst effect of the sun. The shot was well timed and the light was soft. It's the same problem of unbalanced composition. It is better to put the TV tower in the center. Otherwise keep this composition, but wait until a boat is on the right side of the water. Haha, when it comes to the boat, I just noticed that there are two birds on the water (in the red circle in the picture below). In this way, the author deliberately placed the building on the left side, because there are these two birds on the right side, so the overall composition is also balanced. But the question is, who can tell that these are two birds? I judged that the author's shutter speed didn't keep up, so the bird shot was false. Next time you can use a slightly faster shutter speed, like 1/500th of a second or faster. This night scene is a little weird. Are the shadows below two people? If you're shooting a landscape, wait until they're gone, or move to another location. If you're taking portraits, this...if I'm down there, I swear I'll cut ties with you. Another point is that the branches above are redundant. It presses on the building, giving people a very depressing feeling. The sun is more redundant in this photo. After another 5 minutes, it will be better to take pictures when the sun goes down. Also, the shutter speed in this photo wasn't handled well enough, and the water surface in the foreground felt messy. You can use 1/2 second or 1/4 second, and press the shutter when the sea water recedes, so that you can shoot the beauty of the lines of the sea water receding. The last two photos have a common problem, which is that both lack a visual center and feel more like a background. If you could wait for the right person to pass by in the two photos, the effect would be very different. All right, let's go here, rest, rest for a while. Here is the [Mobile Phone Photography Manual], I am Yang Tao, welcome your attention, likes and forwarding support. I would also like to thank my wife for their support and companionship. Interesting commentary: I guess the photographer has a grudge against you, otherwise you really can't get this effect. How to fix the photo after taking it? The ideas and skills are all here. You can master these 8 landscape photography skills with a mobile phone, and the mobile phone can also shoot blockbusters. It seems like a simple line, but there are so many attentions - the secret of photography composition. My mobile phone photography tutorial can be found at TV broadcasts are mainly due to these 5 good habits

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