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7 photography tips to make your travel photos more vivid, you must see before you travel

2023-01-29 07:38:10 [Light ]
7 photography tips to make your travel photos more vivid, you must see before you travel

Travel photography is one of the subjects that many friends like, and I am no exception. Summarized 7 tips that can make it easier for you to produce films, and hope to be a reference for your next trip.

1. Preparations

Be sure to plan before departure. You can collect some local information about the scenic spots you want to photograph, including your travel route, transportation, and local weather conditions. In addition, it is necessary to know whether there are some traditional festivals and other related information in the local area. Be as detailed as possible and be prepared.

Second, get up early and stay up late

Whether it is scenery or humanities, early morning and evening are the best time to shoot, if you want to shoot the sunrise, you should get up earlier For some, it is best to arrive at the filming location an hour before sunrise. You will not miss the opportunity to shoot, and you can avoid the interference of other tourists.

3. Equipment selection

Unless you are dedicated to photography, you don’t need to bring too much equipment, especially when you have to climb mountains or travel long distances. Lightweight equipment will allow you to enjoy the process of shooting more. Also, don't bring unfamiliar equipment. If you buy a new camera, it is best to be familiar with its functions at home, otherwise you may miss the opportunity to shoot or take failed photos because you don’t know how to use the equipment and habits. In addition, you must bring a tripod and various filters. Stable support is critical to improving the quality of the image, and some special effects shots are also inseparable from a tripod. For example, long exposure and time-lapse photography, even if you only shoot with a mobile phone, you need to use a tripod.

4. How to choose accommodation

There are only two criteria for choosing accommodation when I travel. The first choice is of course the location close to the scenic spot, it is best to live in the scenic spot, even if the conditions are poor, it is acceptable. This is similar to "getting up early". If you live close by, you'll be more motivated to get up early to shoot, and living nearby also gives you more time and opportunity to shoot. The second is to choose the kind that is a little further away but the conditions are very comfortable, especially the kind of very characteristic hotels. After taking the sunrise in the morning and returning, you can also take a set of photos in the hotel. But the transportation of the hotel must be convenient.

5. Integrate into local life

You can try to integrate into local life, see what they see, eat what they eat, and truly feel the way of life of the local people, This makes it easier for you to tell readers what kind of world you are visiting through your photos. Another thing is to learn a few words of the local language, especially when shooting humanistic works, you can communicate with them politely, even if it is just to say "hello", it is better to have a smile on your face than to shoot sneakily!

Six. Shoot more featured themes

Don’t just shoot local historical sites and attractions, ask the locals what interesting activities, characteristic buildings, markets , human phenomenon, etc., to enrich your photos. Even when photographing places of interest and sights, try different camera positions, and don't just take cookie-cutter photos on viewing platforms.

Seven. Don't be greedy

Don't pursue a trip and have to go to a lot of places. It will be more fun to play slowly and shoot slowly. That kind of rushing to see the flowers will only make your works superficial. Also, watch more and shoot less. Many people take thousands of photos on a trip and come back, but they can't pick out a few really satisfactory works. Don't shoot everything you see, but only shoot the ones that really move you. Regarding the requirements on the number of shots, I am very content with shooting a satisfactory work in a scenic spot. You have to be patient to find the most suitable position and wait for the best light, and you must not be greedy. The above are the 7 suggestions I have summarized. If you find it helpful, please like and forward it to support. Here is the [Mobile Phone Photography Manual]. I am Yang Tao. Finally, I would like to thank my wife for their support and company. Standing posture + sitting posture + expression, master these 54 photography postures, you will not be embarrassed when taking pictures next time Master these 8 contrasting relationships and take more in-depth photos, you can also stop sticking to the rules and want to shoot Good photos, these 5 photography rules can try to break the quick method of watching less and less. If you want to learn photography well, you have to start from these 4 aspects. Do you have any ideas? 10 years of photography experience, sum up a set of universal post-processing process, share the fate

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