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5 tips for taking beautiful portrait silhouette photos

2023-01-29 09:50:28 [the scenery ]
5 tips for taking beautiful portrait silhouette photos

Silhouettes are a very popular type of subject matter in portrait photography. It is very artistic and artistic, and more importantly, it does not have high requirements for the appearance of the characters. As long as you don't have three noses, you can shoot beautifully. The post-processing of the silhouette photos is also very simple, at least there is no need to grind the skin of the characters. Below I will share with you 5 related experiences and techniques for taking silhouette photos, hoping to help you in your future portrait photography creation. 1. Separation from the background The main character must be separated from the background. If the two are superimposed, the outline of the character will be difficult to distinguish. Find a more open sky, and then put the characters in, your work will be eye-catching enough. 2. Character poses The movements and postures of the characters in the picture are also critical, because in the silhouette photos, the details of the characters disappear, and the audience can only judge what is happening in the photo from the outline. For example, when shooting a scene of a couple kissing slowly, you must shoot the side of the person, so that the outline will be more vivid. At the same time, press the shutter just before they touch, once they actually kiss, the outline of the person in the photo is incomplete. Also note that the two people's bodies should not be completely close to each other, otherwise they will look like monsters. In terms of clothing, don't choose loose clothes. Slim-fitting styles will look more stylish. Women can wear skirts, which can accentuate their gender identity. 3. Shooting Timing The time before and after sunrise and sunset is the best opportunity to shoot silhouettes. The colors in the sky are richer, and the photos taken are naturally more charming. Fourth, the shooting angle First, you need to shoot against the light, and then you need to shoot from a low angle. The simple background will make the characters more prominent. If you can't get a low enough angle, you can also have the character stand higher, such as on a rock, on a hillside, or at the top of a dune. 5. Use different backgrounds In addition to the sky, you can also pay attention to whether there are other things nearby that can be used as light sources. For example, the lake water reflecting sunlight is used as the background in the picture above, and you can also shoot beautiful silhouettes of people. The picture below shows the silhouette effect of people with the help of reflections on the ground at night. One additional point: silhouette photos do not mean that the characters must be photographed in pure black. Some semi-silhouettes are also very good, which should be comprehensively determined according to the scene environment. For example, in the photo below, the character's neck, hair and part of the brim are joined together. If it is taken as a pure black silhouette, this part will become ugly. Furthermore, the background in the lower half of the photo is a bit dark. If the person is also shot in pure black, the outline of the person's body will not be as clear as it is now. The 5 tips for shooting portrait silhouettes have been shared. Here is the [Mobile Phone Photography Manual]. I am Yang Tao. You are welcome to follow, like and forward. Finally, I would like to thank my wife for their support and companionship. Finally, put a failed case. What do you think is the problem with the silhouette photo below? Welcome to communicate in the message area.

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