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What happens when Canon EOS R5 camera is soaked in sea water? How much is the repair?

2023-03-31 01:17:59 [Photography art]
What happens when Canon EOS R5 camera is soaked in sea water? How much is the repair?

Although modern cameras have a good seal, they usually say goodbye to you if they fall into the sea. The price of repairs will not be cheap, and some of them may even be irreparable, let alone soaked in sea water. Aerial photography director Aerial photography V shared the whole process of looking for Canon to repair his EOS R5 after soaking it in seawater on Douyin (Douyin account: Skyview001). What I didn’t expect is... The video is loading... This is the aerial photography V director underwater. While filming the documentary, a small episode occurred. The diver took the EOS R5 to the bottom of the sea and found that the waterproof case was leaking. At this time, the seawater had already entered halfway. When the water surface was already filled with seawater, the entire camera was completely immersed in the seawater. To make matters worse, the express delivery was suspended due to the typhoon, and he failed to send the machine to the Canon repair center as soon as possible. At that time, the first reaction was that the loss was huge. A week later, the director of Aerial V sent the R5 to the Canon repair center non-stop, waiting anxiously for the inspection results. A few days later, the first call from the service center asked: Sir, where does this machine need to be repaired? The boot and inspection are all normal... It shows the situation of soaking in sea water. The service center conducts disassembly inspection. There is corrosion in the interface part, and the internal corrosion of the fuselage is less. Now the function is normal. For long-term use, it is recommended to replace a motherboard. The camera and other parts of the lens only need to be cleaned, and the manual cost is more than 2,000 yuan. Afterwards, we also interviewed the director of aerial photography V. He sighed: "First of all, I feel that the sealing performance of the R5 is really well done, and there is not much water inflow. Second, Canon's after-sales service is very serious and responsible, and I am very satisfied." From the experience of director of aerial photography V, it proves once again that the quality of Canon's machine is quite good. In addition, the performance of the R5 is one aspect, and the after-sales service of the brand is also very important. Third, everyone must pay attention to taking pictures at the seaside, otherwise once the machine falls into the water (especially sea water), you will have a psychological shadow even if it is not broken.

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